Orbis Heater review

Orbis Heater review 2021; Is this Portable space heater legit or scam?

Orbis Heater review; Orbis Heater provides users with a new and improved take on the concept of a personal heater. The device offers users several benefits that ensure consistency to keep a warm environment even throughout winter. 

However, what sets the device apart is its ability to offer benefits that go beyond basic heating equipment. This is what has made it a considerable option during this winter season and is the prime reason behind its sudden popularity. 

This review will take a closer look into all the different aspects of the Orbis Heater device to see if this is worthwhile for those who wish to remain heated during the winter at a low cost.

Orbis Heater is a personal heater that is designed around the idea of providing users with a cost-effective and low maintenance way of getting a heated environment. With the case of heating equipment, there are many issues and pitfalls that users have to frequently go through. 

These can include issues such as the sheer size of these devices, making them bulky and difficult to install. In some other cases, it can have to do with the energy they end up consuming, leading to a sizable energy bill. 

In all these cases, people have to deal with a multitude of issues and are likely to have to empty wallets if they want to remain heated throughout the winter in a comfortable manner.

It is these issues that drive many people to dislike the winter season in general. The creators of the Orbis Heater wished to overcome these problems feasibly. 

They believe that the core functions and features that the Orbis Heater provides to its users can do this effectively. With the aid of this product, one may finally be able to get the assistance they have always wanted at a low cost, alongside safety features that are hard to match nowadays.

What is Orbis Heater?(Orbis Heater review)

Orbis Heater is a surrounding heater that is designed to be the perfect lightweight companion for the winter season. The heater has been designed to provide users with the usual functionality of a regular heater, but without any of the extensive costs nor the bulky and difficult to carry size involved in those kinds of heaters. 

Users of the Orbis Heater are able to get it started and notice differences in temperature in their surroundings within minutes.

This leads to a much easier and more efficient heating experience as users are able to take it from room to room with ease too. Orbis Heater has been designed for people who live in smaller areas or rooms and may want to get effectively heated within a short time frame.

Users of Orbis Heater are able to see better results than most conventional heating methods. In addition to this, it is one of the cheaper options when compared to other heaters in the market too, making it a considerable choice for anyone that wants a more simplified yet powerful approach to heating.

Features Of Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

Orbis Heater is a compact heater that offers a lot of features. Below are the features of this in-demand heater.

Compact and Lightweight

A traditional heater measures approximately 27.88 inches in length, 5.75″ in height, and 2.56 inches deep. It may weigh around 7 lbs (or about 3kgs). The Orbis Heater is slightly larger than the two outlets. The only thing consumers need to do is plug the Orbis Heater into an outlet. It is lightweight and compact and saves space that would otherwise be occupied by dust and dirt.

Safety Features

Orbis Heater is equipped with multiple overheats and anti-tip-over protections to ensure maximum safety. The heater will automatically lower the temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit if it exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Orbis Heater will automatically shut down if the temperature rises above the recommended threshold three times in succession. If it falls over, the heating will stop and ambient air will be released for cooling for 30 seconds. The power supply will then be shut off.

Speedy Heat Up Time & Programmable Features

One Orbis Heater unit can heat an entire 350 square feet room in under 10 minutes. The device is equipped with adjustable heat settings and timers that can be set to 1- to 6 hours. You can select the heat setting that suits your needs. Orbis Heater can only be used continuously for 6 hours before it shuts down to cool.

Quiet Operation

Orbis Heater’s design ensures that noise is not a concern. Keep in mind that just because the unit doesn’t make any noise, it doesn’t mean it isn’t working. The makers assure that people will notice the difference in a matter of minutes.

Energy efficient

The electricity bill is the most serious financial problem that can consume your thoughts. This is a significant relief as winter is approaching! With Orbis Heater, people can prevent energy-efficient performance from being compromised and cut down on their utility bills.

Orbis Heater review
Orbis Heater review

How to Use the Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

The Orbis Heater has a simple plug and play, press and go durable design that is hard to mess up. You press the power button on the Orbis Heater, and the unit starts to heat your room with no complicated process or setup procedure required. 

The unit also has two other buttons for basic customization options. Here’s how the Orbis Heater works for rapid, targeted, instant personalized heating:

Step 1) Plug the Orbis Heater into any standard electrical outlet.

Step 2) Press the Power button to activate the heater. The Orbis Heater works straight out of the box with no tools, customizations, or other options required.

Step 3) Press the button on the right to choose whether you want the heater to run for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours.

Step 4) Press the button on the left to choose whether you want high or low fan speed.

Overall, the Orbis Personal Heater works similar to other budget space heaters. You have basic customization options available, although not much beyond that as it is meant to do one job and one job exceptionally well. 

The compact ceramic heating device does have a tip-over warning, for example, that automatically turns off the device when it’s knocked over due to the safety kill switch located in the back of the Orbis Mini Personal Heater. 

Here is a visual look at how the Orbis Personal  Heater looks with its front and back cover to everything in between; the high powered fan, antimicrobial filter, fully-adjustable buttons, its pedestal and main power switch make this a complete, fully-functional personal space heater.

You can run the Orbis Heater with a timer, choosing to run it for 1 to 3 hours at a time. Or, you can let it run with no timer, in which case the heater will run until it stops by being turned off at your discretion. 

When being compared to central heating systems, oil-filled radiant heaters or fireplaces, the Orbis Heater stands out for its incredible value and customized personal settings that suit the users to their own liking.

Aside from the upright-gravity kill switch, the Orbis Heater’s main safety feature is that the power button is located on the back. The buttons on the device do not work until you activate the power button. This prevents little children from accidentally activating the Orbis personal heater functions.

Who Should Ideally Use an Orbis Heater This Winter? (Orbis Heater review)

Small size heaters are getting more popular than full-size professional heaters that require complete installation and set before use. While professional heaters work better in big houses and large houses, small heaters are more desirable for people who live alone, students, and people on a small budget. 

Many of these personalized heaters come with multiple customization options, making them more user-friendly, and all this is achieved with minimal energy expenditure. 

The heater comes as one piece, without any parts or tools with it. There is no need to call a professional team to fix it for you, as it is ready to work from the moment you take it out of the box. Take off all the packing, plug it into an electric socket, and get ready to work. 

There are many settings from which you can choose the intensity, speed, temperature, and mode of heating. If you are a busy person, the self-timer feature is the best for you. You can choose a time after which it goes off automatically. 

You can continue your work, studies, or sleep peacefully without worrying about leaving it on all night. This feature also shows that Orbis Heater is safe to use, even when you are not paying attention to it. 

You will see up to a 30% cut in your regular electricity bill with a traditional heater or heating system installed if you replace them with an Orbis portable heater. 

Additionally, you can move it around anywhere in the house or keep it with you while traveling. The small size makes it easily fit into your car, and it can even be added to your backpack. Just make sure it is properly cooled down before packing it for traveling. 

How to use Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

Using an Orbis Heater for the first time and setting it up for future working is a piece of cake. Even those who have never operated a heating unit before and have zero knowledge of the technicalities of the Orbis Heater can install and get this heater working in their home within a few minutes.

Here are the steps one needs to follow in the same order to safely get their new Orbis Heater to working:

1. Ensuring The Right Heater Placement

First things first, placing the Orbis Heater at an ideal point where it has minimal disruptions and minimum chances for tripping is an essential step of getting the Orbis Heater to begin its working.

People can place an Orbis Heater on a shelf, a nightstand or bedside table – provided that all these surfaces are flat and have a wall with socket nearby.

2. Connecting The Heater To A Power Supply 

Once the heater has been rightly placed, the second step is to connect it to a wall socket. It is also essential to make sure that the socket is fully functional, comes with minimal risks, and is also fixed properly in the wall. If the socket fulfills all these conditions, the Orbis Heater can be plugged into it.

3. Turning The Heater On

The last step is to turn the heater on after it has been plugged in the socket. Within a few minutes, the heater will warm up the entire room evenly. However, it should be ascertained that the heater is placed facing towards where the heat is required and is not facing the wall or any other thick obstruction. In the latter case, the heater won’t warm the area properly.

The Orbis Heater is made of ceramic material. However, it does get a bit hot when it has been working for a while. It is best not to touch the heater’s body even after turning it off until it has fully cooled down. No matter how hot the heater’s body gets, safely turning it off won’t hurt anyone at all.

Orbis Heater review
Orbis Heater review

Is Orbis Personal Heater a Scam?

The innovation baked into the fast-acting Orbis personal space heater is something to behold given how new the concept is of personalized heating fan devices. 

Add to the fact that most consumers exercise a healthy level of skepticism when buying new gadgets and gizmos online, it is only natural to ask or access the Orbis Heater scam potential. 

However, upon further research, the risks of using the Orbis Personal Heater are few and far between, given the forward facing nature and transparency of the company with its strong reputation for being a leading direct to consumer health and wellness brand offering a variety of lifestyle enhancing products.

The biggest threat to the average consumer when fielding the user complaints about an Orbis Heater scam is the risk of not getting an authentic unit directly from the official company. 

There are many cheap knockoffs that try to capitalize on the household brand name in Orbis and attempt to lure in unsuspecting consumers by setting up fake Orbis Heater websites to purchase the units from. For example, all Orbis Heater Amazon listings should be considered fraudulent.

All of this can be avoided by simply ordering directly from the company which will also ensure customers are protected by the money back guarantee and refund policy outlined above. 

Whether wanting the Orbis Personal Heater for home use or the office area, bedroom, garage, RV camper, or small basement areas; this energy efficient space heater from Orbis is far from a cheap scam and is absolutely legitimate as being an economical way to effectively warm up your personal space.

Before finalizing the verdict on this trendy personal space heater, review how smart shoppers have taken advantage of the Orbis Heater and saved big on utility expenses by opting not to buy a cheap knockoff that barely heats up and conks out days after starting to use.

Pros of Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

  • Modern, sleek design
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available
  • Energy-efficient products consume less energy.
  • Heat the room in just 2 minutes
  • Even heat distribution system
  • Advanced PTC ceramic heat elements for fast heating.

Cons (Orbis Heater review)

  • Limited stock
  • This product is only available online i.e you can’t find it elsewhere except the manufacturer’s website.

Where To Buy Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

The reader can buy the Orbis Heater right now from the company’s official web page. It’s important that the reader don’t buy Orbis Heater anywhere else other than the company’s web page. 

Buying from the company’s online store saves the buyer from being sold fake products or possibly spending the reader’s money on something not worth it. Also, it allows the reader to take advantage of their discount deals on different offers they have packaged for him. The 30-day return policy is also effective when the reader buys from the website only. 

The reader can get up to three Orbis Heater  at a time by purchasing the bundle packages. Orbis Heater has been designed in different colors, choosing what color that meets the buyer’s taste. And if the buyer is not 100% satisfied with the product within the 30 days of purchase, contact the customer support and have it returned to get his full refund.

Money Back Guarantee And Refund Policy (Orbis Heater review)

Online shopping may not be the most reliable thing, but if the reader is directly buying through the official website, there are no chances of risks.

According to the official Orbis Heater website, there are many reasons to say that Orbis Heater is a good investment.

Official Refund Policy (Orbis Heater review)

The refund policy of the company is an effort to win the trust of new customers.

It is to tell them that they won’t lose any money and their purchase can be free from any risk, as offered by any other product. 

This policy also shows that the company is so confident about its product that it is willing to return the total amount if it fails to satisfy any user.

Secure Payments (Orbis Heater review)

The company accepts online payments and doesn’t offer cash on delivery for Orbis Heater. 

If the user is worried about his data breach, he  can be relieved to know that the company uses the most secure payment methods, i.e., PayPal, debit, or credit card payment.

Additionally, the company only takes the user’s primary data, i.e., name, and address to ship this product. There are no chances that this data is going to be misused against the user.

The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. The user ships the package to the return facility address given to him by its customer care representative. 

As soon as it gets shipped, the reader must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. The user will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return. The user will be refunded immediately.

Orbis Heater review
Orbis Heater review

Frequently Asked Questions About Orbis Heater (Orbis Heater review)

How long will the shipping take? (Orbis Heater review)

All orders will be shipped UPS within 24 hours after order confirmation. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number after your order is shipped. You may track your package or sign up for SMS shipping alerts by going to the carrier’s website, www.UPS.com. Thank you for your business!

How Safe is this Heater? (Orbis Heater review)

When the internal device temperature is higher than 122F, the device will automatically reduce its temperature to 104F. The device will shut off automatically if the temperature goes above 122F three times in succession.

Will this Heater raise my utility bill? (Orbis Heater review)

No, this unit is considered energy efficient. The rate of any increase in utilities would depend entirely on how often you use this heater. The heater takes up about the same amount of energy as a standard hair blow dryer on its highest setting, which is 1200W.

If your electricity company charges an average of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, then it would cost about 12 cents per each hour the unit is operational. For further information, please contact your local utility company.

Can I use an extension cord with this Heater?(Orbis Heater review)

No, never use an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/powerstrip). Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle. Do not plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet/receptacle as your heater.

What Customers are Saying about this Heater (Orbis Heater review)

I’m very happy with my purchase! My living room is large and open, so I was skeptical about it warming up the room. I was wrong. My wife came home from work, unaware of the heater, and commented on how warm it felt in the living room. Once I showed her, she also couldn’t believe that something so small was so powerful. It has safety features, shuts off if knocked over, fingers can’t be put inside and cool exterior, perfect since I have four young children. I highly recommend this heater and plan on buying a few more for all of our bedrooms.

Joshua Harper.

Very surprised, working better than expected

Carmen Smith

Fast shipping, lovely design and best price

Sherlyn Collins

As seen in pictures, I love it!! 100% recommended.

Kiara Brown

Conclusion (Orbis Heater review)

The Orbis  Heater is able to provide heat for even the tiniest of dwellings. This can be accomplished by adding more systems. The safety features of Orbis  Heater impressed us greatly, based on the research we conducted. Warning people about portable heaters’ potential dangers is essential. As a result of Orbis  Heater’s development, these issues are no longer an issue.

Pets and children should not have access to the device, and you should not allow them to play with it. We liked it because of how energy-efficient it was. Orbis  Heater is a dual-purpose heater and air conditioner. 

It generates just enough heat to keep you warm and save you money on your heating bills. Even though we can’t see all of the issues with Orbis  Heater, it does have one drawback. 

The reduction in expenses was expected, so this was not surprising. Multiplying Orbis  Heater units on a single utility bill may be explained by contacting customer service to get more information.