Inductivv reviews

Inductivv Reviews 2022 (Warning)Is Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones Legit Or Scam? Read Shocking USA  and Canada reviews!

Inductivv Reviews: In a world where music is essential to the soul, earphones play a phenomenal role in driving these sounds home. They amplify these sounds to soothe the soul. Which makes one feel good while shutting the world out with all its noise. Over the years, earphones have given way to wireless earbuds, which have helped with flexibility while exercising or training without the fear of the cord detaching. But through all the events in tech, one thing remained, our ears were still blocked. 

Although music is good and is medicine to the soul, the constant direct hit of these sound waves on the eardrums has been said to be the cause of the rising number of hearing issues that eventually lead to hearing loss when it isn’t handed on time. 

This predicament has become the sole reason for technology firms to go to work on finding new techniques to enjoy music and other audibles without damaging our hearing. As a result, Bone Conduction Technology was developed, which is a safe, high-quality, and high-tech alternative to earbuds. Inductivv, a rising brand of Bone Conduction headphones, is at the forefront of this innovation. 

These amazing headphones, unlike others, is an open-ear design headphone that uses sound waves through the air that hits directly on the eardrums, inductivv bone conduction uses vibrations through your jaw and head bones. Doing this, it bypasses the eardrums and brings the sounds directly to your cochlea in your inner ear without causing harm to your drums. 

This magnificent device is lightweight, portable, very convenient , easy to use and handle, stylish, it is safer than traditional earbuds, headphones, and headsets. These headphones, unlike others, bring you an unmatched experience with lots of comforts. 

It is waterproof and can be used by anyone with a taste for quality. It is made out of soft silicone materials, so it doesn’t leave a mark on your skin. It comes with a long battery life of 5 hours when it has been fully charged for an hour. Inductivv bone conduction headphones are everything innovative and more. 

Want to know more? You’ve come to the right place. Buckle up as I take you through a brief overview of what inductivv bone conduction headphones are about, its packed features, its benefits, how it works, how it can be used, those that will appreciate its uniqueness, its pros and cons, why you need to purchase these headphones, where it can be bought, it’s different price and quantities, satisfied customer reviews, frequently asked questions and our conclusion.


All about Inductivv(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

Let me introduce you to Inductivv bone conduction headphones. These headphones are portable and lightweight as it weighs 4 grams and it’s sized 5.5×4.72×2.05 inches. It uses open-ear technology that allows you to listen to music and still hear what’s going on around you, while never hitting the pause button.

The inductivv headphones are wireless headphones that operate from a wide range of 10 meters without breakage or static interference while you’re having a blast. 

These bone conduction headphones are made out of soft silicone material that makes them waterproof and impenetrable to sweat when you work out. The silicone material helps it to stick on and not fall off at the same time and not leave a mark on you. This makes it very suitable for exercising. 

Inductivv comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery with a 3.7 voltage and a 120mAh capacity. It has 5 hours of working time, 120 hours standby time and it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

The inductivv bone conduction headphones come with a LED light that flashes red when it’s been turned off, blue when it’s been turned off, a steady green light when it’s charging, and a white light when it is fully charged. 

It comes with a multi-functional button that works to control play, pause, skip, and even answer calls all in one place.The bone conduction headphones are clean and durable as they come in a lightweight titanium body that is comfortable to wear all day long.

Inductivv reviews
Inductivv reviews

Below are detailed explanations of its features.


Features and benefits of Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The inductivv headphones are the best wireless headphones with open-ear technology and here is why. 

Great and comfy Design: These headphones are made in innovative designs that make them great, durable, and comfortable to wear all day. 

LED indicator light: It is located on the anchor, behind the right ear. It indicates when the battery is charging and when it has been fully charged. A beeping green light indicates that the device is charging, while a steady white light indicates that it is fully charged and should be unplugged from the power source. When the headphones are powered on, a flashing green and white light shows that it is in pairing mode.

Power button: Just like every tech device, the inductivv headphones come with a power button. With three easy steps, you can turn on or turn off your device. Step 1 – to power on, press and hold the power on/off button for 3 seconds until the light flashes green. Step 2 – Bluetooth connection, select “Open-ear  Duet” on your device Bluetooth and wait for it to pair. Step 3 – to power off, press and hold the power on/off button for 3 seconds until the light lashes white and turns off.

Bone induction pads Duet: These are the oxygen that fuels the Inductivv headphones. These pads are made from rubber still, but the metal parts that touch the cheekbones are covered with silicone. They hold firmly when in place. These pads send vibrations through the temporal bone to the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, which then sends signals to the brain, causing the sensation of hearing.

Bluetooth connectivity 5.0: The Inductivv headphones work with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can use it with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity. This latest Bluetooth technology allows you to connect up to 10 meters away from the device.

Water-resistant: The Inductivv headphones also come with IP55 water-resistant protection. So, you can still wear it on rainy days with no fear of it getting damaged. This earphone is also good for swimmers.

Advanced noise-reduction microphone: When answering calls with the Inductivv headphones, this feature comes alive. It knocks out the surrounding noise and amplifies the voice of the caller so that it becomes clear and distinct. So, you don’t need to bend towards the microphone or pull it towards you; the amplifying microphone feature will do the job for you.

Long battery life: The Inductivv headphones offer up to 7 hours of use before needing to be recharged. The average charging time for a full charge is about an hour and a half. It also has a feature of 1.5-hour use after a 5-minute charge and a standby time of 2,000 hours after a full charge.

Other benefits are:

  • It is convenient
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is stylish
  • It is comfortable and safe
  • It is simple and easy to use 
  • It has quality sound 
  • It is durable 


How the headphones works (Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

Unlike the standard headphones that operate by transmitting sound waves through the air to your eardrums, the inductivv headphones function differently. These appealing bone conduction headphones operate by transmitting vibrations through your jaw and head bones. 

Doing this, it bypasses the eardrums and brings the sounds directly to your cochlea in your inner ear. Immediately the sound waves reach the cochlea, it sends electrical impulses up to the brain through the auditory nerves. These impulses that reach the brain through this pathway are identical to those that get to the brain through your ears.

How it can be used(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The Inductivv headphones are very easy to set up and use. Just the same way you set up and operate a regular Bluetooth headset. However, for those that are not familiar with wireless headphones, we listed out a few steps to help you out.  

Step 1: Unwrap the inductivv from its case Plug in the USB cable and charge it fully before using. It helps keep its battery life.

Step 2: After fully charging, hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn on the Bluetooth headphone. You will hear a voice prompt, indicating that it is ready to be paired.

Step 3: Turn your device’s Bluetooth on, then go to its Bluetooth settings. Click on the “available devices” link and then select Inductivv or whatever unique headphone name that appears.

Step 4: Place your induction pads on the bones above your ears and blast your music.

Step 5: Press once to pause the music, then press again to play it. A quick double press skips to the next. For calls, it is similar to what was written in the top part of this review.

Inductivv reviews

Who can use it(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The inductivv headphone is meant for anyone interested in listening to good quality music. The bone conduction headphone is very comfortable to wear. It is sweat and splash-resistant, so you can wear it in any climate or terrain. Below are a few:

Fitness lovers and athletes: Whether you hit the gym, play a sport, or are genuinely interested in music. Inductivv headphones enjoy every moment in the gym.

Corporate Staff: Working in a corporate setup shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying good music. With the inductivv bone conduction headphone, you can have fun at every moment in your office. 

Homemakers: Taking care of a home and staying busy with chores can be exhausting and boring, but it doesn’t have to be. The inductivv chores are fun and easy by making it convenient for you to play music, receive or make calls even while doing your house chores.

Travelers and outdoor activities: due to its sweat and splash resistance, the inductivv can be worn for all outdoor activities. The inductivv is great for treks, hikes, biking, picnics, vacations, and much more. It also comes with a powerful battery that lasts for about a week on a full charge. There is no hassle of constantly charging your gadget, which can put off many users.


Pros and Cons(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is made out of quality silicone and titanium material
  • It is a sports aid as it is suitable for outdoor activities
  • It is an innovative technology with creative design
  • It is clean and durable
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • It is waterproof and very suitable for swimming
  • It is stylish
  • Cheap and affordable 


  • Limited stock
  • Online purchase only 

Why you need to buy these  Bone Conduction headphones (Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The inductivv headphones are the best wireless headphones with open-ear technology and here is why.

Unlike other earbuds or headphones that when plugged in makes you lose awareness of your environment, this one reason has been the cause of many road accidents while exercising outdoors. 

With inductivv headphones you remain conscious of your surroundings while you run, work out, or listen to music in your daily routine, you can hear pedestrians, cars, or potential hazards, as well as people talking to you, all while you listen to crystal clear music.

Regular headphones blare music directly into your eardrum, which damages your hearing over time, even if you don’t feel it now. With Inductivv, the sound travels through your jaw and cheekbones, delivering sound towards your inner ear. You can hear the music, but without the risk of hearing loss, and while still hearing what’s going on around you.

In addition, the inductivv headphones bring you a new experience when answering calls. It comes with an advanced noise reduction microphone that knocks out the surrounding noise and amplifies the voice of the caller so that it becomes clear and distinct. So, you don’t need to bend towards the microphone or pull it towards you; the amplifying microphone will do the job for you.

In conclusion, the inductivv headphones are suitable for everyone interested in listening to good and quality music from homemakers to athletes to students. The bone conduction headphone is very comfortable to wear. It is sweat and splash-resistant, so you can wear it in any climate or terrain.

Inductivv reviews
Inductivv reviews

Where it can be purchased (Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The Inductivv bone conduction headphones are not available in your regular convenient stores. However, this limited stock can be purchased via inductivv headphones’ official website. By shopping through the official website you stand a chance to get a 50% discounted price per unit. 

The website comes with a secure payment policy that ensures safety. Payments can be made through a mastercard, visa card, Discover, American Express, and a Paypal account. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product, which rarely happens, you get a 30 days 100 percent money-back guarantee.

The link to the inductivv official website is attached to this article which will direct you to the official website, where you get a 50% discount and free shipping services to your location.


Price and Quantities(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

The inductivv bone conduction headphones come in different prices and quantities.

1× inductivv bone conduction headphone @50% $59.99/each = $59.99

2× inductivv bone conduction headphones @55% $53.99/each = $107.98

3× inductivv bone conduction headphones @60% $47.99/each = $143.98

4× inductivv bone conduction headphones @65% $41.99/each = $167.97

5× inductivv bone conduction headphones @70% $35.99/each = $179.99


Satisfied Customer Reviews (Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

Stephanie, New Orleans ~”With the Inductivv headphone, my long working hours have been so much fun. I can play my music for as long as I desire and not worry about missing any call from my boss because I can still pick up the loud ringing from the phone while listening to music. I am so excited about this!”

Petals, Minnesota ~”I can now listen to my favorite podcasts while doing chores and still hear when my 2-year-old kid is about to get into trouble. Relieving! Every mum should get one.”

Laura Peterson ~”Good unit for the price. I really like the way that they fit. They stay in place and they can be worn all day. Sometimes you forget they are there.

The sound quality is good. Battery life is good.

To say that they are water resistant is a bit of a stretch. If you sweat on them or get rained on, one or both of the speakers will quit working. The good news is: that after they dry out, they start working again. Mine has gone through this cycle a dozen times and has recovered each time.

They can be heard by other people that are nearby when listening and if there is any wind the microphone will be drowned out by wind noise when you try to communicate. I would like the speakers and the microphone to be more directional.

Overall good for the price.”

Customer ~ “Bone conduction Bluetooth is great. I lost hearing completely in my right ear and 50% loss in my left ear from the dreaded coronavirus attacking the auditory nerve last year, hearing aids are okay but I limited Bluetooth capability with my phone, with this conductive bone Bluetooth it’s like I have me hearing back to normal, and I can use it while wearing my hearing aids. Highly recommend.“

Frequently Asked Questions (Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

Does the Inductivv Headphone work?: Yes, it does indeed. Unlike most Inductivv headphone reviews that you will see, we got our information directly from actual buyers and users who have used the product.

Is Inductivv a scam?: No, inductivv is not a scam. Just like everything new in the market and a threat to its competition, its competitors would want to bring it down by posting bad reviews about it. 

Are they only for people who have hearing problems?: Not at all. The inductivv headphones are suitable for everyone, although they are suitable and recommended headphones for people with hearing problems, they can also be used by everyone else because everyone deserves safety too.

Who can use the Inductivv Headphones?: Anyone that appreciates quality and cares about their eardrums. So basically everyone from workers to mums to dispatch riders to athletes.

Can it work with iOS devices?: Yes it can, as long as your Apple device has a Bluetooth feature it will work. The Inductivv headphone works with any device that has a working Bluetooth.

Does the headphone come in different sizes?: It doesn’t. The inductivv  Bluetooth Headphone is a one for all types of device. The part of the inductivv headphone that fits the back of your neck or head is made of spring that adjusts to fit just perfectly.

How long does its fully charged battery last?: The battery can last for about 7 hours with one charge. The time for charging lasts about an hour.

Is inductivv easy to use?: Yes very easy to use, Just the same way you would set up any Bluetooth headphones. You simply place them on the bone above your ear instead of inside your ear.

Can inductivv headphones cause damage to my ears?: No, it can’t. It is an open-ear design, it doesn’t use soundwaves to operate like others do but it operates by transmitting vibrations straight to your cochlea. 

What technology does it work with?: The Inductivv headphone works using bone induction technology with an innovative open-ear design.

Can I wear this with glasses?: Yes, the inductivv headphones work with glasses. It is easy to wear when you are wearing glasses as well as getting high-quality wireless headphones with great sound and a built-in microphone is a dream come true for any person wearing glasses be it sunshades or reading glasses.

Conclusion(Inductivv reviews USA and Canada)

Phew, that was a ride, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. That said, we can both agree that the inductivv bone conduction headphones are one of a kind. With all its appealing features and benefits at an affordable discounted price, I don’t see why you would click on the link below and get yours. The link will direct you to the inductivv official website where you can shop with ease. Hurry and order yours now.