Apex View Dash Cam reviews

Apex View Dash Cam reviews 2022; Does the New Apex View Dash Cam Really Work in the USA?

Apex view Dash Cam Reviews: Dash cams are your second set of eyes on today’s main streets. Unlike a passenger, a dash cam is ever alert to what is happening, keeping a record complete with timestamp and GPS coordinates.

The best dash cams will record what is happening on the road ahead as you drive, but few have been recorded to do more than that. Some offer driver aids to alert you to lane drift or when you get too close to a vehicle in front, and some can even contact emergency services with your location in the event of an accident.

There are different things to consider when choosing the best dash cam for you, such as whether you want a front, front/interior, or front/rear model. On our quest to find the best dash camera that can record your whereabouts and lots more, we came across the Apexview Dash Cam.

The Apexview Dash Cam is a top rated AI powered dash cam that gives you 24/7 records and protects your daily commute. It comes with a 170° wide angle lens, a 2 inch screen, a 4× zoom, and loop recording. It helps you record everything that goes on both inside and outside your car. It is universally compatible and very easy to set-up.

Through the course of this review, we would take you through a brief walk of what Apexview Dash Cam is about, its amazing features and benefits, How to install a dash cam, how it works, it pros and cons, why you need to buy this dash cam, where it can be bought, it’s price and quantities, reviews, frequently asked questions and our final verdict.

What is Apexview Dash Cam?(Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)

The Apexview Dash Camera is a universal compatible dash recording device. These dash cams are well equipped with a 4K 1080P HD, that helps you capture clear quality videos and photos of your vehicle’s front as well as its rear. This gives you indisputable records of accidents, collision, hit and runs cases, proof to get out of wrong tickets and false allegations, identifying and reporting car theft and vandalism even when parked, it helps fast track insurance claims and reduce your monthly premium Payments.

These premium dash cams are designed with a 170° Wide Angle Lens that helps you capture footage from Both sides.

The Apex View Dash Camera has a IR Night Vision that helps it capture clear quality videos at night with the use of the infrared lights wavelength all around us.

The Apexview Dash Camera is a top rated AI powered dashcam that is designed with a Loop Recording that helps it record motion footage as well as audio in resonance with the video coverage, just like a magnetic camera.

This AI powered dashcam comes with a G-Sensor Enabled, that helps it detect obstacles ahead, it notifies you with a loud beep, this sound is installed to help you avoid a collision.

The Apexview Dash Camera comes with 30 days 100 percent Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new gadget (which rarely happens) this dashcam gives you no hassle.

Apex View Dash Cam Features (Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

4K Ultra HD: These AI powered dashcam comes with a wide angle camera, you can say goodbye to grainy pics and videos. Not just that, the ApexView comes with a Dual Channel Front & Rear camera that records 1080P with a 170° field view for crystal clear viewing experience.

In-Built G-Sensor: The Apex View Dash Cam is packed with a built-in G-Sensor that helps you detect collision and avoid it. The G-Sensor goes beyond detecting motion and avoiding collision, it also records the impact of a collision when it can not be avoided and when it reaches a pre-set value, it records the footage and locks it to prevent any overwriting that gives you indisputable proof.

IR Enabled: These top rated AI powered dash cameras come with a night vision lens that captures automatic night vision with the use of infrared wavelengths to ensure that your dashcam records the minutest details in ultra-low light during the night and even in the darkest roads ahead of you.

24 x7 Motion-Detect: With the aid of its G-Sensor, the Apexview Dash Cam has the ability to give you a parking monitor. Just by switching on the parking monitor button on your Apexview Dash Cam, the dash camera will automatically start recording when it detects motion in the car radius to record any theft as well as vandalism attempts.

DIY Installation: It comes with an On and Off Suction Mount, this makes the ApexView very easy to install and take off as well as carry with you when needed. This feature makes it super portable and very compatible.

Loop Recording With Extendable Storage Option: The Apexview Dash Cam offers seamless loop recording overwriting old footage (apart from its locked footage) with new content when card is full. You can also upgrade memory with an expandable memory slot.

Benefits of Apex view Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

  • It gives you indisputable records of accidents and hit and run cases
  • It helps you identify and report car theft and vandalism
  • It helps you fast track your insurance claims and reduce your monthly premium Payments
  • It serves as your one road assistant and events recorder
  • It gives you proof out of wrongful allegations and traffic tickets.
  •  It is easy to set-up, it takes barely seconds to get it running
  • It is universally compatible
  • It comes in a small discreet design, this makes it not obvious and just the right tool to record and capture illegal acts.
  • It protects your car 24/7 with a 1080p night vision HD camera
  • It is very affordable
  • It has a low illumination night operation
  • It comes at a discounted price and a 30 days 100 percent money back guarantee
  • It comes with a lot of functional buttons. Like the statues led indicator, Micro SD card slot, Data Transfer/DC-In, File protect button, AV outlet, a Connector Port and lots more.
Apex View Dash Cam reviews
Apex View Dash Cam reviews

How to install the Apex View Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)

After years of reviewing Dash Cameras, it is clear that installing a dash camera goes beyond unboxing, slamming it on your windshield and inserting the SD card to it. The Apexview Dash Cam comes with a suction mount that helps you do trial and error till you find the best location for your camera. It is usually advisable to place the camera at the centerline of your windshield, that way the dashcam can capture maximum view of all angles. The best place to place your Dash Cam is: 

1) Behind or nearly behind the rearview mirror

2) Low near the meeting of windshield and the dashboard. 

But fortunately, the Apexview Dash Cam comes with mount suction as well as an abrasive mount that helps you stick the dash cam on your windshield. Below are the steps to installing a dash camera.

Step One: After unboxing the camera, you decide your dash camera location. You shouldn’t position it to obstruct you while you drive.

Step Two: Locate your vehicle fuse box ie your OBD2, this will help you know where you’re running the wire to. Most vehicles have their fuse box located underneath the dashboard on the driver or passenger side.

Step Three: After locating your Fuse box, Begin routing the power cable. When routing, you start at the dashcam and lay out the power cable roughly where it will run once hidden behind the vehicle’s interior panels. This gives you an idea of the amount of slack you need.

Step Four: Locate a Fuse that is “Hot in Strat”. This simply means a fuse that powers up when the car is on and turns off when it’s not.

Step Five: Install the installation kit add-a power circuit power cable. This step will help you locate your hot-in-start fuse box.

Step Six: Locate the ground point. Most cars have a ground point close to their fuse box.

Step Seven: Button up what you have just installed. You can use a zip tie to bundle the excess cables (if any) together. Then you safely secure the cables in a sturdy mount underneath the dashboard or behind your kick panel using more zip ties.

Step Eight: Test your Installation. Now everything is set, you Insert your key in the ignition and turn it to get your car running. If everything was installed correctly, you should see your dashcam turn on and begin recording.

How the Apexview Dash Cam works(Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)

The Apexview Dash Cam is a video recording camera that takes compelling photographs of the environment around your vehicle while you drive. It has the features of having a storage capacity.

Depending on the fuse you connected it to, the Apex View would either go off or come on whenever the car is turned on or off.  it covers a wide range of high-quality cameras that take the apparent image quality, this depends on the camera’s positioning on your windshield. (We have written a detailed description on how to install your dashcam to help you get full results).

The in-built sensor helps you quickly detect any obstruction to avoid a collision, this is one of the significant parts of the Dashcam that will help to capture the videos of any occurrence or unforeseen situation, such as a reckless driver, an accident, or even a traffic stop because it records continually.

ApexView Dash Cam is designed with a built-in G-sensor that can easily recognize a quick shake/collision and lockdown the footage to prevent resetting and overwriting even in loop recording. It is possible to repair an accident scene completely.

Apex View Dash Cam reviews

Pros and Cons of Apexview Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)


  • High speed recording
  • Small, lightweight and compatible
  • Easy to use and install, that takes seconds
  • 170° Wide view angle
  • Front and rear capture
  • 16mp photos
  • 4× Zoom
  • 2 inch screen
  • Loop Recording with expandable storage option
  • 24×7 motion
  • Parking monitor
  • IR enabled night vision lens
  • In-built G-Sensor for collision detection
  • A DIY installation
  • On and off suction mount
  • Wifi connection
  • 30 days 100 percent money back guarantee
  • 50 percent discount plus 10 percent extra discount on unit sales
  • 4k ultra HD wide angle camera.
  • Affordable
  • Effective and efficient


  • Limited in supply
  • Cannot be purchased at your local convenience stores
  • Can only be purchased at their official website.

Why you need to purchase and install the Apexview Dash Cam (Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)

Getting Out Of Wrongful Allegations: Wrongful allegations are common when it comes to traffic authorities, however with dash cameras recording your every move, you have enough proof to contest and overturn them.

Record Accidents and Incidents;Dash Camera helps you keep video proof of any accident or incident in and around your car, giving you indisputable proof of collisions, hit and runs and lots more.

Commercial Vehicle Monitoring; Dash Cameras are great for commercial automobiles which carry goods over long distances, both in protecting the vehicle and the load during the journey and when parked.

Deter Thefts as well as Vandals; It is a fact that when someone is looking to steal or cause damage to a vehicle they always check for a dash camera, this provides automatic protection for your vehicle.

The Apexview Dash Cam helps you claim your Insurance Faster;It provides you with video proof that you weren’t the driver responsible for a car crash, you can save yourself from the he-said, she-said stress and from being found at fault by a car insurance company – and receiving higher auto insurance rates that go with that finding.

What to have first hand front or rear recordings of your road trips? Well Apexview Dash Cam helps you make records of your road trips. The dash cameras are perfect for capturing memories on those special road-trips while letting you share them with your friends and family. The Apexview Dash Cameras come with a lot of positive satisfied customer reviews and are also hugely popular with YouTubers and IG influencers, you just have to get this AI powered dashcam.

In addition, the Apexview Dash Camera comes at a very affordable as well as discounted price, a 50 percent discount plus an extra 10 percent discount per unit sale. What are you waiting for?

Apex View Dash Cam reviews

Where you can shop for the Apexview Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

The Apexview Dash Camera is not available in your regular convenient stores. However, this limited stock can be purchased via the Apexview Dash Cam official webstore. From shopping through the official website you stand a chance to get a 50% discounted price per unit plus an extra 10 percent discount per unit sales and fast shipping

The website comes with a secure payment policy that ensures their user safety. Payments can be made through a mastercard, visa card, Discover, American express and a Paypal account. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product, which rarely happens, you get a 30 days 100 percent money back guarantee.

The link to the Apexview Dash Cam official website is attached to this article which will direct you to the official webstore, where you get a 50% discount and fast shipping services to your location.

Price and Quantities of Apexview Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

The Apexview Dash Cam comes with a 50 percent limited discount, and the best part is, the more the quantity your purchase the higher the discount per unit sales. Below are the available quantities on their official website.

Buy 1 Apex View Dash Camera + fast shipping + 10 percent extra discount = $59.99

Buy 2 Apex View Dash Camera + fast shipping + 10 percent extra discount at $54.99/each = $109.98

Buy 3 Apex View Dash Camera + fast shipping + 10 percent extra discount at $49.99/each = $149.97

Buy 4 Apex View Dash Camera + fast shipping + 10 percent extra discount at $45.99/each = $183.96

Buy 5 Apex View Dash Camera + fast shipping + 10 percent extra discount at $39.99/each = $199.95.

The Apexview Dash Cam package includes:

  • 1× Dash Camera
  • 1× Suction mount
  • 1× USB charging cable
  • 1× Car Charger

Reviews for the Apexview Dash Cam(Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

Mark W. “The last dash cam I’ll ever buy!Quality video, night vision, motion detect, g-sensor, it has it all and trust me in my 3 years of driving – I have had the use of all these features & they work perfectly! No issues since I installed it in both my cars! Great product!”

Brent Lingle. ” It paid for itself in just 1 month, I was able to show the footage of a hit & run thanks to ApexView which helped me get the right compensation from the insurance company, without the regular run around! For me the product has already paid for itself.”

Jamie Wedeow. ” Fully loaded dash camera, I was skeptical when I read all the great features they packed in with the price, but after using it for about 6 months and buying 2 more for my family, I can vouch for the quality & product. A must have for every car you own!”

Brandon Cloud. “My 6 month use review, I got these for my 2 new teen drivers and couldn’t be happier. The kids know that at any time I can pull out the chip and see how they are driving, AND should they ever get in an accident, there is forward looking proof of what happened.This unit was easy to set up and install. The picture quality is very good facing forward. It hangs right behind the mirror, but low enough so that you can see it and remember that it’s there (I want the driver to notice if it’s missing).”

Leo Roberts. “Super Sturdy, durable and functional, I’ve had this in my car for about 2 months now and it works great! I love that it turns on and off on its own when I start or turn my car off, so it is literally no work once you get it set up.

The suction is heavy duty and this thing is extremely secure to my windshield. It could have better night vision, especially since I drive on a lot of badly lit rural roads, but you can still see what is in front of you clearly enough. I have not had a reason to take any recordings off of the memory card, so I cannot review that aspect of this camera, yet.”

Zach S. ” Step aside overpriced Dash Cameras! I have used $300 Dash Cameras and then I bought this (yes the $300 one stopped working in just 9 months). It has all the features + the G-Sensor that the $300 brand name camera didn’t have! Works well, and have been using it for about 3 months – no issues. Make the smart choice and don’t spend on overpriced dash cameras – ApexView does the job and also does it better!”

Frequently asked Questions (Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

How long will it take for my order to arrive?(Apex view Dash Cam reviews)

All orders will be shipped UPS within 48 hours after order confirmation. Please allow 5-7 business days for standard delivery. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number after your order is shipped. You may track your package or sign up for SMS shipping alerts by going to the carrier’s website, www.UPS.com. Thank you for your business!

How easy is the Apex View setup?(Apex View Dash Cam reviews)

It takes less than 3 minutes to get ApexView up and running. Just mount it in your car, plug it in and get started.

Final verdict(Apex View Dash Cam reviews USA)

Well if you have gotten to this point you can agree with me that the Apexview Dash Cam is what every car owner needs on the main street.

The Apexview Dash Cam is a top rated AI powered dash cam that gives you 24/7 records and protects your daily commute. It comes with a 170° wide angle lens, a 2 inch screen, a 4× zoom, and loop recording. It helps you record everything that goes on both inside and outside your car. It is universally compatible and very easy to set-up. Hurry and get yours now.