Zippy Pet Ball reviews

Zippy Pet Ball reviews 2022; Is this new Pet Ball Legit Or Scam?

Zippy Pet Ball reviews; Pets are one of man’s greatest companions. Many people love having a dog as a pet partially because some breeds of dogs are super intelligent and fun to be with. There are so many reasons people keep pets; for security reasons, companionship, and some, simply because they love dogs.

There are so many reasons why people keep pets, one being that dogs can be very playful and quickly get bored when they have nothing to do. They also need to be engaged with some form of physical activity to keep themselves active. Staying with your dog always would have been nice, but you have other things to do with your life. As playing with your dog is not feasible, you need additional measures to ensure that your dog stays active in your absence.

There are many options to explore to provide a companion for your dog when you’re not around. I will be discussing a tested and proven option- The Zippy Pet Ball.

This ball works to engage the instincts of your dog. It ensures that your dog doesn’t develop unhealthy behaviors. It helps to grow the cognitive ability of your dog by improving their memory and intellectual skills. It keeps your dog from getting bored or becoming anxious in your absence.

Are you interested in keeping your dog active in your absence? Are you worried about your dog staying alone at home? Do you feel bad for your dog as it looks terrible whenever you come back to your home? Do you wish to improve your dog’s instincts and intellectual skills? Then this article will be of great help to you.

In this Zippy Pet Ball review article, I will be discussing Zippy Pet Ball in detail. The different features, benefits, merits, and demerits, Frequently asked questions, and some testimonials of the Zippy Pet Ball available in this article will provide you with all the information you need. It will help you make an informed decision about whether to purchase this product or not.

This piece hopes to address all your concerns about this product. Instructions on how to purchase this product and a link to the company’s official website are available at the end of this article.

What is Zippy Pet Ball (Zippy Pet Ball reviews USA)

Are you wondering what to get your cat or dog as a gift? Zippy pet ball is the perfect present for your loving feline or canine. This product has a USB rechargeable cable to reduce the unnecessary charging of batteries. The remote control that comes with this ball ensures your pet enjoys the different funny modes keeping it glued and entertained for long. If you want to rush out, this wonderful toy will be your pet’s companion for up to five hours non-stop. Thus, you can carry on with your work without the constant fear of what your pet might be up to. The toy comes in three different colors: blue, green, and pink.

Zippy Pet Ball reviews
Zippy Pet Ball reviews

What Makes Zippy Pet Ball Special?(Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

This toy is created in a standard size to ensure your pet cannot swallow it regardless of the size. Zippy pet ball has no chewable parts that the pet can accidentally ingest; thus, you are confident of the pet’s safety.

Made from durable material

Most veterinarians approve of Zippy pet ball. It is made from durable materials that are safe and lasts longer. The material is free from toxins and does not get scratched easily.

Rolling motion

Pets love toys that are in motion. Zippy pet ball avoids obstacles like the wall. It helps keep the pet running as you get busy with your tasks.

Built-In LED Flashlight

Pets get curious when they see the light. The Zippy pet ball flashlight arouses the pet’s curiosity inviting it to start playing.

Musical Sounds

Most four-legged pets love chasing after the birds. Zippy pet ball plays catchy chirpy sounds, further arousing the pet’s curiosity.

Made for both Dogs and cats

Imagine a toy that is loved by both the felines and the canines! Zippy pet ball is a handy toy for picky cats. Unlike dogs who can play with any toy available, cats are difficult to keep engaged. Zippy pet ball is specially made with catmint flavors to get the feline into active mode.

Features Of Zippy Pet Ball (Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

LED Lights & Moving Modes – The Zippy pet ball is fitted with powerful led lights with varied moving modes. It has three colors of built-in RGB LED lights, including red, green, and blue. The ball automatically moves and jumps randomly and can be wireless remote controlled. The led lights move with the ball, engaging your pet both physically and mentally. The Zippy pet ball will keep your pets busy and healthy.

100% Autonomous Energy Saver – The Zippy pet ball automatically plays for 30 min and stops for 10 Min. It can be charged with a USB rechargeable cable which is included in your package. This Zippy pet ball is a Magic Motion Activated Ball that moves automatically when activated and can provide a 360 degree rotating entertainment time for your pets both indoors/outdoors. It works even when you are not around.

Food-Grade Material & Durable & Waterproof – The Zippy pet ball is waterproof and Durable. It has an inner hardcore and an outer soft impervious surface. This ball will not harm your pet when licked and cannot be swallowed. It is about 3.5 inches in diameter, so it cannot enter your Cat/Dog’s throat. This is an advantage for you as other types of balls can potentially choke your dog when swallowed.

Fun & Healthy Gift – This Zippy pet ball can serve as a gift to your friend that keeps pets. It can even serve as a surprise gift for your dog on its Birthday, during Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, And other celebrations. Your dog would want to thank you if it could talk, but you would notice the increased activeness of your pet. The outer shell of Zippy pet ball is made of food-grade and eco-friendly material, which is harmless, waterproof, and anti-fall!

How Zippy pet ball Works(Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

This smart dog toy is easy to use and employs 4 simple steps to get it working and your dog entertained.

Twist. To turn the smart dog toy on, simply twist gently to open. In the inner compartment, there is a charging port and an on button. Once the button is pushed, a green light illuminates to indicate the ball is activated.

Place. The Zippy pet ball requires no human input after the first step. All you need to do now is place the ball on the ground in a suitable place and space (where the pet can safely play without destroying any important objects or getting harmed). It is fitted with intelligent motion sensors which will activate the ball as soon as the dog or cat touches it with their paw or nose.

Play. When the smart dog toy has been activated, it will automatically alternate between rolling and bouncing for an exciting game of fetch whenever the dog is feeling playful. This alternating and randomized pattern of movement is designed to mimic natural movements and prevent the pet from getting bored. Once the pet tires out, the ball will go into a default “rest” mode until the dog or cat wants to play with it again.

Recharge. When it’s time to recharge, simply plug the Zippy pet ball into any standard USB charging device. A red light will indicate the ball is charging and a blue light shows the ball is fully charged. One hour of charge time will provide up to 8 hours of fun for your furry friend, keeping them occupied and entertained when they are alone.

Zippy Pet Ball reviews
Zippy Pet Ball reviews

How to use Zippy Pet Ball(Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

To use the Zippy Pet Ball, follow these simple steps:

Twist the ball to see the power button and turn it on, as well as the to see the charging port.

• Adjust settings as well as speed level.

• Place it on the floor. To test it, place your pet close to the product. It is expected that the automatic sensor begins to roll and move when it detects your pets presence and when your pet touches it with its paw or nose.

• Once it detects it, the product begins to play, running in random patterns,

Cleaning the ball requires no stress, you can be able to open up the ball and clean. That should be done carefully though. No further action needed to use this product. If you are not clear enough, you can study the manual or user guide that comes with the product pack. Simple right?

How Is the Zippy Pet Ball Different?(Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

Unlike boring chew toys, the Zippy pet ball actively jumps and rolls around, keeping pets entertained for hours. Its self-controlling and randomized pattern of motion gives it an edge over other pet toys

It’s triggered by a pet’s movement: a nudge with their nose, a playful bite, a touch of the paw. Besides being triggered, it also responds in kind, to the playful mood of the pet much like the owner would.

A single hour of charge can provide up to 8 hours of nonstop entertainment for a pup. That’s one-third of a day for just an hour of charging.

It has 3 modes to suit any pet. A gentler, slower mode for older, less active pets, a normal mode that’s great for most pets, and a super-active mode for even the most hyperactive pets. Safe to say that Zippy pet ball is a smart dog toy that fits all.

Unlike other pet toys that easily get shredded by dogs, zippy Pet Ball is designed with material resistant to bites and also waterproof. Helps you save cost of changing toys frequently buying disposable distractions.

Zippy pet ball is stimulating enough to provide hours of play. If a pet happens to be on the hyperactive side, this toy is the perfect way to use up all that extra energy.

Does Zippy Pet Ball work or is it a scam? (Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

The Zippy Pet Ball works perfectly and not just us saying so, many pet owners have testified to its efficacy and utility. It does what it says and has brought about a relief to pet owners as pet owners can have time to focus on work, meditation, study and activity that requires quietness and no disturbance of any sort.

We undertook a survey to find out the response of pet owners after issuing out online surveys where 85% love the product. We decided to go to the homes of owners who used this product and get their direct response. We started without next door neighbors and here are some of their responses.

“Jason this works totally, you are making a review right? get my name on it. I have been enjoying this product. Remember I texted you about how the work from home thing is not working for me and how I wanted this pandemic to whisk away, due to disturbance at home, especially from Brad my dog.

Surprisingly, this ball has kept my dog so busy, that I can get my time in my inner room and work. My honest review is that this product works perfectly. Don’t tell me you don’t use this for Squeaky cos I am gonna break your head(laughs)” Daniel Joe

“ This product is one of the most simple solutions I have used in a long time. I ordered this product last week. All I can say is that this product is one of the most innovative products I have used. It is also fun, you know. My dog here loves it very much. It takes a lot of time.

I pray my dog doesn’t love it more than I  do because this ball is so interesting to play with from what I have seen. Kudos to the manufacturers by the way. I wish I can order for my little kids also. You know they are not heads too, to an extent ( laughs)- Maria Costa

Most of the responses were from dog owners,  who wanted to still find out if what works for the dog will work for the cat. Fortunately, the ball works for both. Owners who had cats as pets affirmed the fact that, though cats are not as disturbing and active as dogs.

The attractive nature of this ball still subsists. Most owners gave thumbs up, they affirmed that it still got the attention and focus of their cats and also serves as a good distraction to them.

This product is very effective from my surveys and personal use. It also lasts for a long time and works perfectly. It works, not a Scam.

Benefits of Zippy pet ball (Zippy pet ball Reviews)

We all need stimulation in our lives, and dogs are no different from humans in this regard.  In fact, for our canine pals, toys are every bit as much an essential supply as food, a bed and other basic necessities. 

Dogs need mental stimulation in order to thrive. Without it, they’re likely to become stressed, anxious and bored. Eventually, these emotional imbalances cause dogs to seek other ways to occupy their time, and that often translates to destructive behaviors such as inappropriate urination, chewing and digging. If any of this sounds familiar, don’t fret. Interactive toys offer a simple, effective and fun solution.

Here are 7 of the most important physical and psychological benefits of Zippy pet ball interactive toy for dogs.

Promote healthy teeth and gums

Toys for dogs don’t just keep them busy and happy; they have a very specific health benefit.  A dog needs to chew in order to keep her gums and teeth in top condition.  They will not only enjoy stronger teeth and gums, but also less plaque.  

That can lead to fresher breath—and that is a benefit for the pet owner.  A dog is also a lot less likely to chew up furniture and pillows and cushions if provided with a toy such as Zippy Pet Ball. This saves pet owners from getting their house torn apart.

Provide dogs with exercise.

Every dog needs daily exercise to stay in top physical condition. Pet owners can help their pet with this by taking them out on walks and playing with them in the backyard, but dogs probably still need additional exercise beyond what owners can provide (especially if you are a busy pet owner).  Dog toys can help pets to get that indispensable exercise.

Stimulate intelligence and facilitate development.

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. Toys can enhance pets’ ability to learn, helping them develop new skills. It also promotes their natural behavior such as foraging, exploring and playing.

Interactive toys encourage dogs to solve problems, which can strengthen their mental faculties and prevent dementia later in life. Playing with toys is the equivalent of us doing a crossword or Sudoku puzzle. The mental stimulation provided by toys will tire a dog quicker than a 30min walk, leaving them with less energy to get themselves into trouble

Builds their confidence.

Being pack animals, dogs are not built to spend extended periods of time alone. It’s not always possible to be with them all the time. Toys keep your pet entertained while you’re not there, so they learn that they can have fun while you’re not there. They’ll also be more likely to give you your space when you’re trying to get things done at home.

Provides companionship.

Dogs can get lonely, especially when owners are away all day at work or running errands. A toy can become a source of comfort for a dog, just as it can for a child.  Many dogs enjoy looking after their toys and taking them everywhere. Pet owners need to pick a durable toy which will hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

Alleviate boredom.

Nothing is harder to deal with than a bored, fidgety, anxious pet.  If anyone were to be penned up all day without stimulation, they’ll get bored as well. Dogs need activity in their lives.  Toys can provide dogs with something to occupy themselves while the owner is busy.  They can work out all that nervous energy.  This makes them easier to handle, and will ensure that they are a lot happier.

Weight management

While they’re no substitutes for walks and romps in the park, interactive toys will give canine couch potatoes a reason to move about and have fun while at it.

Zippy Pet Ball reviews
Zippy Pet ball

Pros and cons of Zippy Pet Ball (Zippy Pet Ball reviews)


  • Highly durable
  • Reasonably affordable
  • Enjoys lots of positive customer reviews
  • Safe and non-toxic to the pet
  • The company is offering a 55% discount on the current price
  • Guarantees 100% refund if you’re dissatisfied.


  • Available only on the company’s online store.
  • Cannot be bought from any offline retail shop.

Where Can I Buy the Zippy Pet Ball? (Zippy Pet Ball Reviews)

The  Zippy Pet Ball is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website. Making a direct purchase of Zippy Pet Ball from the producer’s official store will ensure that you enjoy the best price and value for just a little token. 

In addition to that, buying from the producer’s official website will guarantee also that you will not get the product’s imitations, but the original Zippy Pet Ball. To ensure that you get the original product, we have included a link to direct you to the Zippy Pet Ball official website. Visit now by clicking this link to place your order for your preferred package. 

Payment for your purchase can be made through Visa, MasterCard and other credit cards. Purchasing your Zippy Pet Ball from the website equally means you will enjoy the company’s FAST SHIPPING system. Your package is shipped directly to your house from the company’s warehouse in the US and will get to you within the span of 3 to 5 days. 

Purchasing also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The provider operates a hassle-free return policy which allows you to return your purchase within 30 days if it does not meet up to your expectations. 

What Customers Are Saying About Zippy Pet Ball (Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

“I used to spend a lot of time with my dog as I just graduated from university and had no job. Luckily, I just secured a job with a corporate bank. I work from 9 – 6 on week days, leaving my dog looking sad and gloomy. It has been duller and falls sick easily. The worry this problem gave me led to me talking to a colleague about it, which changed my story.

He shared with me how his dog suffered the same until he bought the Zippy Pet Ball. I helplessly went ahead to purchase mine, and that changed my story too. My dog is happier and more cheerful to see me whenever I come back from work! The Zippy Pet Ball really works.”


“My Dog jack lost his mom some months ago, and this had a huge emotional toll on him. He’s always sad and dull. Taking him to play with a neighbor and playing with him helps, but I couldn’t keep up because of my tight schedule. I resorted to taking him to play with my neighbor’s dog, which helped until my neighbor relocated. I was happy to stumble on this product online, and I’m happier I made a purchase. The Zippy Pet Ball keeps Jack engaged even in my absence. He has been healthier and stronger since I bought this product. I recommend it for all pet owners and lovers.”


“My boyfriend loved his dog so much that he barely had time for me. This made me sad because I wanted his attention, which was always divided because of his dog. His dog, too, wasn’t helping matters as she was too clingy and always seeking attention. I spoke to a friend that suggested I buy this Zippy Pet Ball for his dog.

I did, and surprisingly, it worked. I dropped the ball for him then snuck into the room with my man. The dog spends hours playing with the ball till I’m about to leave his house. The Zippy Pet Ball has made my relationship with my boyfriend stronger and better. Kudos to the manufacturers!


Frequently Asked Questions About Zippy Pet Ball (Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

How durable is the Zippy Pet Ball?

The Zippy Pet Ball is durable and electronic. It has a battery and can be charged just like any USB device. A single one-hour charge will serve your dog for up to 8 hours. Zippy Pet Ball is 100 percent safe to bite and is made with tear-resistant materials. It is affordable with very sleek designs. It can also be purchased from the comfort of your home.

Can I get the Zippy Pet Ball from my local store?

Definitely No. To be precise, you can only buy the Zippy Pet Ball online and from the manufacturer’s official website. It is advised that you purchase this product from the manufacturers’ website to ensure the authenticity of your purchase. Buying from the manufacturers’ website also comes with very juicy discounts.

Do I need to charge the Zippy Pet Ball before using it?

This product is fitted with an inbuilt battery and can be charged with a USB cable. The USB cable is also part of the package you will get after making an order. The battery lasts long and can last up to 8 hours with just an hour of charging. The Zippy Pet Ball gives your dog hours of unlimited fun, even in your absence.

Will the Zippy Pet Ball harm my dog?

Definitely No. The Zippy Pet Ball is entirely safe and Durable. It has an inner hardcore and an outer soft waterproof surface. This ball will not harm your pet when licked and cannot be swallowed. It is about 3.5 inches in diameter, so it cannot enter your Cat/Dog’s throat. This is an advantage for you as other types of balls can potentially choke your dog when swallowed.

Conclusion On Zippy Pet Ball Reviews(Zippy Pet Ball reviews)

The Zippy Pet Ball is a smart toy ball that keeps your pet active in your absence. It helps your dog to improve its memory and intellectual ability. It’s a self-propelled ball that works for both dogs and cats. It is electronic and automated and will work well even in your absence.

The ball is about 3.5 inches in size, so it’s practically impossible for your dog to swallow the ball. It will keep your dog busy and engaged as otherwise might result in them eating your sofa and foam. Your dog being bored is not healthy for its growth. The ball also comes in multiple colors.

This product is cheap and affordable. The manufacturers, despite producing an effective autonomous energy-saving ball, made it very affordable. You don’t need to break your bank to be able to afford this Pet toy.

The process of acquiring this product is relatively easy; it can be ordered right from your comfort zone via the company’s official website. Orders are dispatched as soon as you place them, and you get your Zippy Pet Ball delivered to you within the expected time.