COOLFEEL MAX REVIEW 2021; Does this new portable Air cooler worth my dime?

Coolfeel max review; Ever wondered how you can keep yourself cool outside your home where you can’t use the traditional or portable Air conditioner? Search no more because Coolfeel max is everything you need to stay cool.

Walking out of a place where the air conditioner is blasting cold air into the hot summer streets is always challenging. Not only does your body have a hard time adjusting to the temperature change, your mind finds it frustrating too. Some can be so sensitive to the change in the temperature that they start sneezing and so on.

Since we can’t  install air conditioning devices on the streets now,  we can keep ourselves cool with the help of coolfeel max; a special lightweight,cost effective and portable air cooler.

 Coolfeel max is a wearable personal fan and air cooler that keeps you cool as you commute in the sweltering heat. All you have to do to enjoy the wonderful features this device have is to wear it around your neck and you can enjoy cool blasts of clean air devoid of germs and dust that Coolfeel max throws your way.

Coolfeel max is a unique air cooler that you can carry with yourself wherever you go. It boasts long battery life so you can easily go for hours without having to charge the gadget. The LED ring on the air cooler, however, alerts you when the battery is nearing its end, so you can charge the device before its battery runs out.

Coolfeel max does not only  blast cold air your way, it blasts clean air. This is very much possible with the in-built filter system in this portable, wearable device. This system ensures that the air it releases is free from germs, dust, leaves, and other impurities such as bacteria.This provides filtered,cool air devoid of bacteria and germs.

Coolfeel max is available in a sleek, U-shaped design, which makes wearing it super easy and  simple.  Do well to read through this Coolfeel max review as everything you need to know about this wonderful gadget is well detailed below.

What is Coolfeel max?

Coolfeel max is a lightweight and portable air cooler that can easily be placed on the neck. This device has a long lasting battery and the materials used in producing it are very strong and stain resistant.

Coolfeel max is built in a way that the user select the cooling temperature of his or her choice depending on the degree of heat or hot temperature within his region. It is a very compact digital device  that is powered by lithium batteries which lasts for a longer time with the primary function of keeping the user cool consistently.

 Coolfeel max has three  strength tiers which assist the user  to regulate the velocity to conform it to his needs. It’s in your power to select  the desired temperature. Coolfeel max is very simple to use and relatively cost effective when compared to the numerous features it possesses.

With extreme seasonal temperatures spikes fast approaching, everybody seems to be on the lookout for novel air cooling solutions that are not only affordable and easy on the pocket energy-consumption wise.

 In this regard, Coolfeel max is a sleek, modern personal air cooling and purifying device that provides users with cooling comfort within a matter of minutes.

 It is rechargeable and designed to work as an actual neck cooler that can keep one fresh irrespective of how hot it may be outside. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following features:

  • High processing quality
  • Fresh air quickly and reliably
  • High running smoothness and low operating noise
  • Fast charging possible
  • Charging with the supplied USB-C cable
  • Constant fresh air, without high power consumption
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Now we have known what Coolfeel is ,the next thing we’re going to look at is how this wonderful gadget works and see why this portable air blowing unit is building quite a buzz for those in the market for customized air conditioning benefits.

How Coolfeel max works(Coolfeel max review)

Coolfeel max Review
Coolfeel max Review

Coolfeel max has a USB port that comes in the park; this USB port makes it very easy to charge the device. When you must have charged the device, put it on your neck and press a button to select your desired temperature, immediately you have done that, this device will begin to work.

Coolfeel max makes no noise when in use so you have to worry about any irritating sound.This feature (no noise) makes it convenient to use Coolfeel max anywhere and anytime without inconveniencing the people around you.

Why should I buy Coolfeel max?

With summer gradually setting in,  both adults and children are exposed to high temperatures.Therefore, there’s a need to request for a device that will keep you cool especially when we don’t have access to our traditional air conditioner. 

We all know that air conditioners can’t be installed in our streets, hence we ought to find another means of staying cool in hot temperature. Coolfeel max is the best choice for keeping you cool in a very hot temperature.

This device is portable and lightweight, this enables you to carry it to anywhere you’re going without stress.You shouldn’t worry about the hot temperature summer comes with because Coolfeel max has got you covered.

Coolfeel max review
Coolfeel max Review

Features of Coolfeel max(Coolfeel max review)

Coolfeel max has numerous features that makes it worth having. We’re going to explain some of these features in details below.


Coolfeel max is lightweight and portable. Because of its compact design, one can carry Coolfeel max in their luggage with ease while traveling for holiday or on a business trip without worrying about the weight of the device.


Coolfeel max is designed to replicate the action of a high- quality cooling fan. It’s bendable and this makes it easy to wear around one’s neck for a long period of time without encountering any form of discomfort.

 By virtue of its design,you can wear Coolfeel max when you’re lying down at home, working within an office space or even working out at a gym.

Durable Battery

Another feature that makes Coolfeel max one of the most sought after air cooler is its battery durability. Coolfeel max uses high capacity rechargeable lithium batteries which can last up to 24 hours when fully charged before running down. Also, when the battery is down, it doesn’t take much time for it to be fully charged again.

Fast cooling

The Coolfeel max can usher a tangible cooling effect within a couple of minutes after being switched on. Coolfeel max has ultra-fast operation technology which can provide you with instant cooling under few seconds of usage.

No noise

Coolfeel max does not produce any atom of noise when switched on.  This device doesn’t bother you or those around you with irritating sounds.  Coolfeel max  has an intake filter and very high-quality silent fans. This means that you can use Coolfeel max anywhere, anytime without inconveniencing anyone around you.

User friendly

One of the features that makes Coolfeel max unique is that it’s easy to use. Coolfeel max is very easy to use. All you need to do is to press switch on button, select the speed of cooling you want whether low,medium or high and and place it around your neck.

Quality filtration system

Coolfeel max comes with an advanced filter system that has been designed to make sure that any unwanted particles (such as germs, dust, etc.) are filtered out from the outgoing airstream in a seamless manner. This makes the air we inhale free from dust particles and germs.

Varying fan speed

Coolfeel max has a total of three cooling speed settings that enables  users to choose between as per their personal needs. In fact, by running the fan to a low setting, you can also conserve its battery life.

Can be used by anyone

Coolfeel max is designed in a way that it can be used by anyone looking for a bit of respite from the maddening heat without having to pay exorbitant sums of money. A number of people online claim that through the use of this cooling solution, consumers also enjoy substantially lower monthly power bill. Children and adults can use this device to stay cool


Unlike other portable air coolers that are difficult to use, the Coolfeel max is ready to use, straight from the box. Before you can enjoy this cool device,first obtain a full charge. Once fully charged, the user simply turns it on and it’s good to go.

Easy Cleaning

The Coolfeel max have a high-quality outer body which doesn’t allow dust to settle. The material  used in producing this device is stain resistant. With only a piece of dry cloth, users can simply clean the gadget.

The vents can be repositioned

Coolfeel max is built in such  a way that you can also change the direction of the air cooler’s vents the way you like them. So, for instance, you can adjust the vents to blow cold air toward your face. Or, if you don’t like direct cold air on your face, you can reposition the vents away from you.


According to the manufacturer, Coolfeel max can be used for up to 30 hours on a single charge cycle. Again, even after long periods of continuous activity, the device also does not begin to show signs of poor performance issues.

Coolfeel max review
Coolfeel max Review

If  you wish to buy Coolfeel max, it is paramount that you choose the manufacturer directly. They have a website where they offer the products. Also, if you want to buy more than one, you stand a chance to benefit from the  special offers that the manufacturers make available from time to time. 

This means that you can purchase several light panels at the same time and pay less for one panel itself. The order is uncomplicated and completed within a few minutes.  Again, there’s numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here the buyer does not take any risk because he can use secure and proven methods like  PayPal or Credit Cards. 

These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you send the product back if you do not like it, you will be refunded without any problem.  A further advantage is the fast dispatch, which takes place up to the front door. You will get the product a  few days after the order, when the product arrives you can use it immediately.

Benefits of using Coolfeel max(Coolfeel max review)

Coolfeel max is a personal cooler that is designed for everyday easy use. You might be thinking, a wearable ac? That must cost a lot of money but that is not the case with coolfeel max. It is very easy on the pocket i.e it doesn’t cost a fortune like other portable air coolers out there. 

There is no need to worry about the quality as this personal air conditioner passes all quality checks. This gadget is  manufactured from great material, it does not easily break or get damaged. So, you won’t regret purchasing this device as it is a great investment. 

When we say that Coolfeel max  is very easy to use, it means all that needs to be done is switching it on. It does not require any building or setting up beforehand. In case this personal cooling device fails to impress or does not work according to your expectations, feel free to return it and you will be refunded.


The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. 

As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.Once the company receives the gadget, you will be refunded immediately.

Customer written reviews on Coolfeel max

Basically it’s just a small fan that blows over a reservoir of ice water to create a cool breeze. Put it on a desk and it will cool a person seated at that desk. I got it so I wouldn’t have to run the A/C on half my house when I’m working in my home office, and for that it does work. But don’t expect it to cool an entire room.


My friend told me about Coolfeel max.I Found the product interesting and had to get one for myself.Since then,Coolfeel max is everything several reviews talked about. I’m so enjoying this product.


Bought this for grandson who does landscaping. He said it has been a godsend in the triple digit heat in overly humid Louisiana. He loves it. Wears comfortably around the neck and stays cold. If it ever wears out, i will buy another. Great product!


I bought this product with the expectation that the product would break/malfunction after a week or two, but after a month or so the product still work perfectly well and the fans on the lowest setting is good enough to use, with two more powerful modes available. The longest I had the fan on was 6 hours and the fan still had charge left.


FAQs about Coolfeel max(Coolfeel max review)

How to use it?

Coolfeel max is very easy to use. All you need to do is to charge it, after charging the device, hang it on your neck and switch it on. Once you switch it on, you’re good to go.

How can i buy Coolfeel max?

You can purchase Coolfeel max directly from the manufacturer from the official website.It can be ordered while you’re at home and it’s delivered within a short time.

Does the battery last long?

According to the manufacturer, Coolfeel max is made of lithium batteries which can last up to 24 hours when fully charged. This makes it possible for you to enjoy this device for a long time even if there’s interruption in power supply.

Can i adjust the cooling speed?

Coolfeel max is made in such a way that you can adjust the cooling speed as you wish depending on the temperature of your region. You can adjust the speed to low, medium or high speed depending on what you want.

My Final Verdict on Coolfeel max review

In summary, Coolfeel max  is an excellent alternative to traditional air conditioners. Unlike the traditional ones, this innovative air conditioner does not limit you to one room and professional help at every step including installation and cleaning. To set up this gadget is easy and you only need to be concerned about keeping the cooler charged which doesn’t consume much energy and it takes less time to charge too.

It is currently being sold-out fast across the country because of its remarkable features, positive customer reviews, and unbeatable price. Get this super-cool portable air conditioning device for a discounted price while supplies last.

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