TotalTrim Pro review

TotalTrim Pro review 2022; Does this new cordless Hair Clipper really work?

TotalTrim Pro Review: In today’s era, grooming, which is the act of caring for one’s personal appearance is something that cannot be underestimated or shoved aside as it boosts one’s confidence and defines one’s personality. 

A good haircut is one of the basic ways of making you look smart, trim and elegant in appearance. Have you wondered why people even after getting a haircut from a professional barber still don’t get their desired haircut? Are you worried about not getting the desired haircut each time you make use of a clipper? 

Do you wish to trim your hair, beard, and face with precision? Then this review will be of great help to you as I will be discussing a tested and proven option – The TotalTrim Pro.

In this TotalTrim Pro review, I will be discussing TotalTrim Pro in detail. The distinct features, merits and demerits, frequent questions asked by people are available in this review and will provide you with all the information you need, as well as, help you understand the need to purchase this product.

What is TotalTrim Pro?(TotalTrim Pro review)

TotalTrim Pro is a multipurpose best choice cordless and rechargeable hair cutting machine which is capable of trimming and cutting hair, beards, mustache effectively with no hassle, regardless of hair density. 

TotalTrim Pro has guide combs which come in different sizes and lets you groom your nose, brow and ear hairs with less effort. This product incorporates many stainless steel blades which help you trim and shave while protecting your skin, thus giving you a more efficient cutting experience. The stainless steel blades of the TotalTrim pro are detachable for easy cleanup.

Features of the TotalTrim Pro (TotalTrim Pro review)

Cordless hair cutting machine: The TotalTrim Pro is a cordless clipper that gives you unrestricted movement to fully clip without being restricted to a particular area. 

Versatile combs: The TotalTrim Pro kit comes with different sizes of metal plated plastic combs for trimming different lengths of hairs. These combs control how closely the clippers cut, letting you trim hair to a desired length as well as get creative with styling.

Effective hair trimmer: This product possesses a lot of power to trim the most difficult of hair, regardless of hair density. It cuts through hair, beards, mustache and does a fine job in providing the close shave you will need with no hassle.

Rust proof razors: In the TotalTrim Pro package, the clippers have stainless steel razors which are self-sharpening, can maintain long-term sharpness, operate at an extremely fast speed and do not rust. These stainless steel blades give minimal friction and are detachable for easy cleanup.

Comfortable Anti-slip design: The grip density of this product is ergonomic; has a non-slip surface design. This prevents it from slipping off your hand easily even when your hand is wet. 

Portable: The TotalTrim Pro has light weight and is convenient for hair stylists who always travel or travelers as they can carry this product along while traveling without feeling any inconveniences.

How to use TotalTrim Pro?(TotalTrim Pro review)

To do any job satisfactorily, you need the right tools. Picking the TotalTrim Pro hair trimmer and understanding how to use them effectively ensures you can achieve the style you desire with minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction.

To use the TotalTrim Pro, follow these basic steps:

To get this tool started, you have to charge up your device. When charged fully, it lasts for long hours.

Then ensure that your hair is not wet because it is impossible to cut properly when hair is wet. Working on dry hair makes it much easier to achieve the hairstyle of your choice and also prevents your clippers from rusting.

Before you begin to cut, ensure the correct hair clipper guard is attached for your preferred hair length. The clipper guards are attached on top of the blades. 

Longer clipper guards lead to less of each hair strand being cut and a longer trim. While shorter clipper guards lead to more of each strand being cut and a shorter trim. It is advisable to use the longer guard first for your whole head, then move progressively to shorter guard lengths as it is best to start with small cuts and then go deeper.

To use the hair clippers, hold it with the blades pointing downwards and the guard top lightly touching the scalp.

Take your time and have a steady hand while holding the clippers. 

Also, maintain a steady pace because a steady pace helps you avoid tugging your hair or hitting your scalp. 

Work across your head in small sections as this helps you capture and cut all the hairs you want, without irritating your scalp. 

When you have your desired trim, carefully remove the clippers’ blades and clean them gently with a brush. Also, disinfect them with alcohol. Don’t forget to give your clippers a very light oiling to keep those blades lubricated.

TotalTrim Pro review
TotalTrim Pro review

How is TotalTrim Pro different?(TotalTrim Pro review)

TotalTrim Pro is a rechargeable clipper which can be used anywhere without worrying about the presence of electricity there.

Unlike other rechargeable clippers, the TotalTrim Pro trimmer has a strong battery which lasts for a long period of time when fully charged.

Also, the portability of this product makes it distinct from other products out there. It is lightweight and travelers can carry it with them without feeling any inconveniences.

Unlike other cordless clippers, TotalTrim Pro trimmer is gentle on skin and it cuts through hair closely and effectively without irritating your skin and with no cuts.

TotalTrim Pro kit comes with an effective trimmer which cuts through hair, beards, mustache and does so efficiently with no clogging. TotalTrim Pro is also a multipurpose tool that is valued for different purposes. It can be used for removing hair growth on the head, behind the neck, ears, eyebrows, on the chest and even below the waist.

Is TotalTrim Pro legit or is it a scam?(TotalTrim Pro review)

TotalTrim Pro works effectively and perfectly and many who have purchased it have testified to its efficacy and utility. It does what it says and has brought relief to barbers as they can have a quiet and stress-free haircut. 

This trimmer works at great speed, enabling you to groom yourself in the shortest possible time, thus giving the users of TotalTrim Pro time to engage in other activities of their choice.

Who can make use of TotalTrim Pro(TotalTrim Pro review)

Everybody can make use of the TotalTrim Pro because everybody has hair which they want to get rid of. This product is not just for the guys, it can be used by women too because women also cut their hair.

Also, both the young and old can make use of this hair cutting machine for hair cutting, facial and body grooming.

Benefits of TotalTrim Pro (TotalTrim Pro review)

The TotalTrim Pro has a self-sharpening stainless steel blade which retains its sharpness for a long time.

The blades of this product are extremely fast and with it, you can groom yourself in minutes as it requires the shortest possible time for cutting. This comes handy for people, such as businessmen, that are always on the run.

The sharp steel blades are totally resistant and durable, easily slicing through thick, smooth and coarse hair without clogging.

The TotalTrim Pro comes with versatile combs which let you trim different lengths of hairs to desired length.

It possesses a strong battery which is rechargeable and can last for a long period of time when fully charged.

A cordless machine which allows for freedom of movement during usage. If you have ever used a corded trimmer, you will know that its power cable is a real distraction. 

It keeps you tethered around the wall socket, thus, denying you the freedom of shaving from anywhere. With the cordless TotalTrim Pro, your movement is not limited while using it.

It is portable, sleek and has light weight which allows it to be easily carried around without causing any inconveniences. Travelers prefer it because of its portability and light weight.

TotalTrim Pro is gentle on the skin. You can shave as close as you want to the skin without worrying about any irritation and cuts and it doesn’t cause bumps.

This product has a comfortable anti-slip design that prevents it from slipping out from your hand easily during usage. 

It has an effective beard trimmer that trims with no hassle, regardless of hair density.

The TotalTrim Pro is a multipurpose tool. It comes with different attachments that are used for a variety of purposes.  

Its all-purpose trimmer is ideal for removing hair on the chest, behind the ears, neck, eyebrows, below the waist and even inside the nose. This saves you the trouble of having to buy different grooming tools for specific purposes.

This product’s razors cannot be damaged by rust since its blade is constructed from stainless steel. 

The blade also allows minimal friction.

There is minimal strain on your wrist as you cut and trim your hair with TotalTrim Pro.

TotalTrim Pro is also comfortable and simple to use. You can style hair without getting twisted up. Also, it makes cleanup after usage faster as you don’t have to wrap wires.

TotalTrim Pro review
TotalTrim Pro review

Pros and cons of TotalTrim Pro(TotalTrim Pro review)


  •  Unrestricted movement during usage.
  •  Long lasting stainless steel blades.
  • -Rustproof razors with minimal friction.
  •  Versatile combs for different trimming length selections.
  •  Effective beard trimming with no hassle.
  • Minimal strain on the wrist as you cut and trim
  • Self-sharpening steel blade.
  • High-speed vibration system.
  •  Comfortable anti-slip design.
  • Multipurpose hair cutting machine.
  • High-speed motor to deliver an exceptional cutting experience.
  • Strong rechargeable battery.
  • Simplicity of use.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Easy to maintain.
  •  Price friendly.
  • 100% product satisfaction guarantee.


  • TotalTrim Pro is limited in stock.
  • Available only on the company’s online store.
  • Cannot be bought from any offline retail stores.

Where can I buy the TotalTrim Pro?(TotalTrim Pro review)

TotalTrim Pro is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website. Purchasing TotalTrim Pro directly from the manufacturer’s official store will ensure you enjoy the best prices and value of the product.

Additionally, buying from the manufacturer’s official website will guarantee you get the company’s original product and not some imitations.

Purchasing your TotalTrim Pro from the website equally means you will enjoy the company’s fast shipping system and the purchasing of this product comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 

To ensure you get the product’s original, we have included a link to direct you to the TotalTrim Pro official website.

Payment for your purchase can be made through Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. 

Visit now by clicking the link to place your orders.

What customers are saying about TotalTrim Pro

Here are some of the reviews made by customers who purchased and have made use of the TotalTrim Pro.

This is one of the best clippers I have ever used. It gives me a sleek cut and I’m so impressed


This hair trimmer uses a high-speed vibration system that cuts through hair smoothly with no pull or snags. It is portable, light and much more comfortable to use. It’s like the best trimmer I have purchased in many years.


This trimmer, without question, is the finest trimmer I’ve ever used. It’s so different from what I have been using previously. Kudos to the manufacturer


TotalTrim pro is my choicest trimmer. It is very easy and so comfortable to use, gives me my desired haircut with no cuts and bumps.


So, I decided to give my bf this TotalTrim Pro because he was always complaining of not really getting what he wants from other trimmers he was using. And since he started using this product, I can say he looks totally different, like his haircut now looks very trim and neat and I can’t thank the TotalTrim pro product enough


The texture of my hair is so thick and dense, and each time I cut my hair, I didn’t get a clear cut. So I decided to use this TotalTrim Pro that I came across on the site and since I started making use of this clipper, I have been getting a clean cut. What else can I ask for?


I give this trimmer a straight five stars. This trimmer is just the best.


Frequently asked questions about TotalTrim Pro(TotalTrim Pro review)

Is TotalTrim Pro durable? 

The TotalTrim Pro is durable and has an inbuilt battery that when fully charged can last for a long period of time.

Can I get the TotalTrim Pro from local stores?

Definitely not. You can only get the TotalTrim Pro online and from the manufacturer’s official website. It is advised you purchase this product from the producer’s official website to prevent your money from going into the wrong hands and also to ensure that you get the original of the product.

Do I need to charge the TotalTrim Pro before using it?

Yes, it is advised you charge before making use of it. This product has an inbuilt battery and when charged it lasts for long hours,

Can I use TotalTrim Pro on my face and body hairs?

Definitely yes. TotalTrim Pro works perfectly on every area on the body, including your face, body hairs and even on sensitive areas on the body.

Can this product be used by females?

Definitely yes. This product can also be used by females as females also cut their hair.

Does it come with adjustable guide combs?

Yes, it comes with different guide combs which are adjustable and which you can use to cut different lengths of hairs.   

How can I clean Total Trim Pro after use?

You can clean up TotalTrim Pro after usage with a small brush and lubrication oil and these items are contained in the kit. The brush helps you remove all the hairs that are in between the combs and the lubrication oil helps the motor of your hair trimmer to keep running. It is advised you lubricate your trimmer a little before and after using it.

TotalTrim Pro review
TotalTrim Pro review

Conclusion on TotalTrim Pro Review (TotalTrim Pro review)

Total Trim Pro is a cordless hair cutting machine built with premium materials. It comes with versatile guide combs for different trimming hair lengths selections, has a strong battery which lasts for a long period of time when fully charged. 

This product is designed to make the trimming of hair an easy and simple job. Its stainless steel blades not only work very fast and maintain long term sharpness but offer comfortable hair removal without pulling and provide a barrier between skin and blades, letting you spruce up your sideburns, necklines, and other facial and body hairs and giving you a more efficient cutting experience. As many customers have confirmed, it comes in handy and gives you value for your money.

The product is very affordable. Despite producing a topnotch trimmer with premium materials, the manufacturer has made it affordable so you don’t need to break your bank to be able to purchase this product.

The process of acquiring this product is easy as it can be ordered from your comfort zone through the TotalTrim Pro official website. Orders are dispatched as soon you place them and you get your TotalTrim Pro delivered to you within the expected time.

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