LuxBra reviews

LuxBra reviews 2022; Is this new Lux bra Legit Or Scam?

LuxBra Reviews; Bras are the most important article of clothing in your wardrobe as studies have shown that bras are the hardest working garment in a lady’s wardrobe.  But, sometimes, getting a bra which is not only supportive but gives you great comfort can be a daunting task. 

Well, after doing some evaluations in our laboratory, we have come out with a bralette which is not only supportive but super comfy and gives you that feminine and flattering look which you have always desired when you look in the mirror. We are talking about the LuxBra which is a breathable bra made with super smooth fabric which feels good on the skin and can be worn all day and night.(LuxBra reviews)

In this review, we will be detailing LuxBra; its features, benefits, its pros and cons, why you need LuxBra in your wardrobe and why LuxBra is the best bralette as well as frequently asked questions by customers. This review of LuxBra will help your understanding of why you need to have a quality and comfortable bra which will be of great service to those lovely boobs of yours.

What is LuxBra? (LuxBra reviews)

LuxBra is a light weight bralette without an underwire designed for firm support of breasts and comfort. 

It is a breathable lace bra which wicks sweat from the skin as it allows perspiration to pass through and dry up quickly.

LuxBra comes with a front cross side hook, which helps in hooking, unhooking and adjustment of hooks with no hassle. 

This bralette also has wide straps which do not need to be adjusted as it fits properly and supports the bra cups perfectly, making you look nice and fit in all outfits worn with it.

LuxBra has a lace front cross side hook which gives you that feminine and flattering look.

Features of LuxBra (LuxBra reviews)

Wireless: LuxBra has no underwire, yet offers nice and comfy lifts.

Foam cups: it has soft foam cups which support and cups your breasts nicely and firmly. Also, the cups are lightly lined, stretchy and are available in a wide range of cup sizes.

Smoothing panels: This bralette has smoothing panels for side supports and which eliminate bulges.

Front cross side hook-up closure: LuxBra has three sets of hooks in the hook-up closure and they are located by the side, making it easy and comfortable for you to hook-up, unhook and adjust the bra hooks.

V-neck line: It has a V-neck line which helps it stay discreet when worn with clothes that have low cuts.

Wide straps: LuxBra has wide straps which fit properly, are very comfortable and do not need to be adjusted.

Colours and sizes: This bralette comes in various colours. Also, it is available in a wide range of sizes in the band; from size 32 – 38 in the British size and 70 – 85 in the international system. It also comes in size A – E in the cups.

Benefits of LuxBra (LuxBra reviews)

Comfortable: If you want to experience a top-rated comfort while wearing supportive underwear to support those beautiful breasts, then you need  LuxBra. LuxBra is very comfortable to wear all day and all night long, does not cause any irritation or pokes your skin and it makes you feel like you are not even putting on any bralette.

Supportive: Every lady needs a bralette to support those ligaments in the breasts and prevent them from sagging. LuxBra gives your breasts those lifts they need in a comfortable way.

Nice fittings: Apart from being comfortable, LuxBra has nice fittings which fit like a second skin. This gives you a wide range of motion as you do exercises like walking, running, jumping, biking and so on and no matter how you move your body, this bralette does not move out of place.

Wide and comfortable straps: LuxBra has wide straps which support the cups of the bralette comfortably. These wide straps stay comfortably on your shoulders without poking your shoulders, or making places where it rests darker. Also, LuxBra straps fit properly and do not slip off the shoulders.

Fully recovered shape: LuxBra materials fully recovers its shape after it is stretched out and after laundry, with no shrinkage.

Soft and smooth fabric: The fabric is super soft and has a smooth design. The smoothing fabric helps for superior comfort.

Good abdominal shaping benefits: LuxBra has smoothing panels which helps smoothen bulges along the sides, at the back as well as the front of the upper side of the abdomen. Thus, giving you nice abdominal shaping.

Easy to wear and take off: This bralette is stretchy and so can be worn or taken off in a pull over style. This makes it very easy to be worn as there is nothing that gets in the way as you wear it or pull it off.

Front cross side hook-up closure: The hook-up closure of this bralette is located by the sides. This helps for easy hooking up, unhooking and adjustment of the hooks without having to remove the bralette or twist your hands.

Wireless cups: LuxBra helps you skip the wires as LuxBra is wireless. It does not have any underwire, yet it supports the breasts comfortably and firmly.

Full coverage cups: LuxBra has full coverage cups which are light-lined and helps to prevent spillage of the breasts no matter how much you move your body. These full coverage cups hold the breasts firmly and in place.

Nice V-neck front line: It has a nice V-neck front line which helps this bralette stay discreet under tops with low cuts.

Flattering fit: LuxBra has pretty lace which gives you not just a feminine look, but also a flirty and flattering look.

Durable: When you talk about a comfortable and supportive bralette which also lasts long, you are very sure of LuxBra.  LuxBra is very durable as it is made of topnotch materials.

LuxBra reviews
LuxBra reviews

Pros and cons of LuxBr(LuxBra reviews)


  •  Ergonomic and comfortable underwear.
  •  Super soft and stretchy fabric.
  • Offers full coverage to prevent spillage of breasts.
  •  Supportive, yet stylish.
  •  Easy to wear and take off.
  • Soft cups for round shaped breasts.
  • Smoothing panels to remove bulges.
  • Side hook-up closure for easy hooking, unhooking and adjustment of hooks.
  •  Wide straps for supporting the cups.
  •  Comes in a wide range of sizes.
  •  Excellent stretch recovery.
  •  Instant back pain prevention.
  • Perfect push-up effect.
  • Fashionable upper abdominal shaping.
  • Made of high quality breathable materials.
  •  No poking or weighing down when worn.
  • Gives a feminine, flattering and sexy look.
  • Can be worn during exercises.
  •  Looks great with various outfits when worn.
  • Non-irritating.
  •  No shrinkage.
  •  Affordable.
  • Gives 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  •  Limited in stock.
  •  Only available in its official online store.
  • Unavailable in any retail offline store.

Why do you need LuxBra? (LuxBra reviews)

You need LuxBra for a variety of reasons. 

One of the reasons is that LuxBra makes peace with your flaws. With this bralette, you do not have to worry about the size, shape of your breasts or even about having saggy breasts as it supports your breasts firmly and holds them in perfect shape.

Also, researches have shown the bra worn by a lady has a close effect on how she feels about herself. LuxBra is a bralette that gives your breasts those perfect lifts which boosts your confidence and helps you carry yourself with complete self-assurance.

In addition, LuxBra enhances your posture. Do you know that the posture of the upper part of your body is also determined by the bra or underwear you put on every day? Wearing a wrong bra affects your posture negatively. Breasts that are not well supported can have a bad effect on your upper spine, shoulders, neck and your lower back. 

This could lead to hunched shoulders and curved spine. That is why you need LuxBra which is made up of smooth and soft fabric and which gives you a nice and straight posture, thus, preventing you from having a stooped posture.

Have you wondered why, sometimes, you put on nice clothes but it just does not look fitted? It is because you are wearing the wrong bra. A good quality bra has a way of giving your clothes those nice fittings. That is why we recommend LuxBra – a bralette which helps your clothes, be it blazers, shirts, sweaters, tops, gowns, jackets or whatever you put on fit perfectly and makes you look good.

Do you know that wearing the wrong bra can affect your physical health and make you age earlier? Well, if you didn’t know, know today that wearing a badly fitted bra can make you physically ill as it can cause headaches and neck pain. 

Also, breasts that are not well supported can cause major strains on your throat and facial tissue! That is why you need a supportive bralette like LuxBra, which is very supportive and comfortable and assists the muscles surrounding the upper part of the body, as well as, supports proper blood circulation.

A proper bra affects not just your physical health but also your emotional and mental health. Every lady wants to be comfortable in her skin and that is you need to invest in a good and quality bralette that fits your skin perfectly and flatters your body, giving you not only a comfortable and flirty nice but you get to like what you see when you look in the mirror!

Is LuxBra legit or is it a scam?(LuxBra reviews)

LuxBra is a legit product coming from a legit website. LuxBra is a bralette that has undergone various evaluations in our laboratory and has proven to have an excellent stretch recovery and hold up to laundry. Many who have purchased and used this product have attested to the genuineness of this product.

LuxBra reviews
luxbra reviews

Why is LuxBra the best bralette? (LuxBra reviews)

LuxBra is a bralette which comes with various lovely features which gives you that oh-so comfortable expression. 

One of the best aspects of LuxBra is that it is supportive. If you have ever worn a bra which makes you keep adjusting and adjusting for it to be supportive, then you would appreciate a supportive one when you see it. LuxBra supports the breasts in a very comfortable way and thus, prevents sagging of breasts.

Apart from being supportive, LuxBra has wide straps which fit perfectly and which do not need adjustment. Unlike the conventional bra which pokes the skin, LuxBra has wide straps which does not poke the skin, does not stress the shoulders and does not lead to the darkening of the tops of the shoulders. 

Also, you know how embarrassing it can be when your straps slip off your shoulders or magically unhooks itself when you are in a public setting. Well, unlike those conventional straps, LuxBra comes with wide straps which do not cause any discomfort and do not need to be adjusted as it stays in place. So you do not have to worry about it slipping off or coming off entirely. 

Also, LuxBra has excellent stretch recovery. It can be very disappointing when you purchase a bra, only for it to lose its stretch after a few times you wore it, and then you have to discard it. 

LuxBra has been evaluated in the lab for factors like stretch recovery and how well they hold up to laundry and we have found out that LuxBra not only washes well during laundry, but does not lose its stretch and does not stretch out when worn.

In addition, LuxBra gives you nice upper abdominal fitting. Unlike those traditional bras which cause bulges when worn, and give you a very unattractive look, LuxBra comes with smoothing panels which helps tuck in those unwanted bulges, in the upper abdomen, at the back, and especially by the sides. This smooth as silk bralette accentuates all those desired curves, thus, giving you a fashionable abdominal shaping.

LuxBra is made of high quality breathable materials. Many users have attested to the moisture control and breathability of this bralette. Unlike other bras which retain sweat and other moisture, LuxBra wicks sweat away from the skin, as it allows sweat and excess heat to pass through and dry up quickly, thus, keeping you drier and cooler when the weather is hot and drier and warmer when the weather is cold. 

Also, LuxBra comes with no underwire. Underwire can be very uncomfortable and irritating, and when it pokes out of the material, it can scratch and injure your skin. LuxBra is wireless, and offers gentle lifts with its stretchy fabric.

Even so, LuxBra offers full coverage cups which cups the breasts. It supports your breasts from the top and hides more of the tissues beneath the armpit, so you can easily wear any clothing, including sleeveless, without being uncomfortable with any fats or tissues displaying itself. Also, if you are very busty, you know how embarrassing it can be when your breasts spill out from the cups of your bra. 

However, with LuxBra which offers good and full coverage, you can get involved in any kind of activity or exercise that requires much movement of the body without being scared of your pretty boobs spilling out of the cups. Also, it fits well, and its cups are amazing with no gaps in the cups, leaving you looking great in different outfits.

Wearing a bra with its hook up closure at the back can be very tricky. It does not only take time sometimes but can be quite uncomfortable to adjust. That is why LuxBra is here to make bralette wearing much more easier as the hook-up closure is located by the side. This makes hooking, unhooking and adjustment of the bralette very easy without you having to remove the bralette or twist your hands.

Another amazing feature of this bralette is that it is stretchy and easy to be worn or taken off. It has a pull over style, so you just have to pull it over your head as if you are putting on a top and due to the fact that it is stretchy, you do not need to struggle when putting it on or taking it off your body.

Also, LuxBra has a V-neck line in the front of the bralette. So, it can be worn with any clothing that has a low cut in front without you being worried of your bralette being on display. 

Additionally, LuxBra is made of buttering soft and smooth fabric. The inside of the bra is very soft and smooth and feels good on the skin. Also, it is stretchy and moves around with your body like a second skin.

Unlike those traditional bras which shrink when washed or when used for some time, with LuxBra, there is no shrinkage even when it has been used for a very long period of time. LuxBra has been tested in our laboratory, and from the lab evaluation, there are no issues reported as it performed exceptionally well in the tests and found to be very durable.

Moreover, this bralette does not feel too tight or compacted. This makes it very comfortable to be worn all day and all night long.

Additionally, LuxBra is made of lace which gives you not only a feminine look, but also a flattering and sexy appearance. It is also like a crop top and is the perfect lounge bralette.

Furthermore, it is made of premium materials which not only lifts the breasts gently and comfortably but is also long-lasting. So there is no doubt about its durability.

Lastly, LuxBra comes in a variety of sizes. It has small, medium, large and extra large sizes. So, it is available for those with petite busts, as well as, those with heavier and larger busts. 

Frequently asked questions by customers (LuxBra reviews)

Do you have extra large cup sizes in LuxBra? (LuxBra reviews)

Definitely yes! LuxBra is available in medium, large and extra large cup sizes. So both those with small as well as big busts can enjoy using this bralette.

Is there any offline store where I can purchase the bralette because I am scared of being scammed?

Unfortunately, there is no offline retail store you can purchase LuxBra from. You do not have to be scared about ordering from us because we are genuine. We have provided a link and all you need to do is just to click on the link to get this bralette from the official website store.  

Does LuxBra have an underwire?

LuxBra has no underwire which makes it very comfortable and causes no irritation.

Where can I purchase LuxBra?(LuxBra reviews)

LuxBra can be purchased on the official website and purchasing from the official website will ensure your getting the original product, so you get to enjoy maximum satisfaction at best prices and also protect you from being scammed. A link has been included to direct you to the LuxBra official store 

There is limited stock available so hurry now and order yours by clicking on the link provided, so you get to enjoy our whooping 50% discount prices as well as free shipping services. 

LuxBra reviews
luxbra reviews

Last remark(LuxBra reviews)

LuxBra is a wireless bra that offers full coverage cups which are lightly lined, has stretchy and smoothing panels which offer great shaping upper abdominal benefits and also retains its shape after use and laundry.

This exceptional bralette is supportive, fits like a second skin, is made of super soft and stretchy fabric for easy wearing and movement, and has a V-neck line which is not visible under low cut clothings.

With LuxBra, you are assured of good value and you get to enjoy the bralette for years as there is no doubt on its durability. This is because it is made of premium materials.

LuxBra can be purchased from our official website. A link has been provided and you just have to click on the link to order your bralette.

Hurry up and order now to enjoy our 50% discount prices, as well as, our free shipping services!