AutoMix reviews

Automix reviews 2022; Does new Auto Mix really work?

Automix Review; A hand mixer is one of the basic utensils needed in a kitchen for blending and mixing of ingredients. However, disappointedly, not every hand mixer meets the needs of its requirement in a cooking space or kitchen, because sometimes, it is the motor of the mixer that is faulty, sometimes it could be that the hand mixer splatters ingredients all over during operation and sometimes it could be that the mixer is not fast enough.

To meet the need of an effective and efficient hand mixer, we conducted various evaluations and after those evaluations, we came up with an automatic hand mixer – Automix, which can be used for a perfect blending and mixing of various ingredients.

In this review, we will be discussing Automix in detail; its features, benefits, how Automix works, its pros and cons, why Automix is the best hand mixer, where it can be purchased as well as reviews by some of our customers. This review will help you understand why you need this equipment in your kitchen for stress free cooking.

What is Automix? (AutoMix reviews)

Automix is an automatic hand mixer, made of the best quality materials and used in mixing and kneading various ingredients such as whisking egg whites, whipping up a dough, creaming butter with sugar, and doing other similar kitchen tasks.

This machine has different control buttons for regulation of the speed levels, resulting in a perfect and stress free mixing.

Features of Automix (AutoMix reviews)

Metallic whisk: Automix has metallic whisk which is shaped like a tripod and used in mixing and completing a multitude of similar cooking tasks.

AA batteries: It comes with an AA non rechargeable battery which lasts for a long time. 

Strong motor: Automix comes with a strong, sharp and powerful motor which helps in whisking, whipping and kneading with ease.

Multiple speed Levels: Auto mix also comes with multiple speed control to control the motor as it mixes and blends your ingredients.

AutoMix reviews
AutoMix reviews

Benefits of Automix(AutoMix reviews)

Detailed mixing: Sometimes we use a mixer and get disappointed because it does not mix ingredients properly. However, one of the beautiful things about Automix is that it is the best hand mixer in mixing ingredients. Automix allows you to hold and mix the ingredients, helping you maneuver through thick batter and reach deep inside ingredients, thus, helping in detailed mixing.

Occupies a small space: This hand mixer is small in size. So, it can be conveniently placed anywhere during usage and also, it does not need a lot of storage space as it can be saved in a cabinet or can be put on the surface atop your counter in your cooking area. Automix is preferred in compact kitchens due to their small size and sleek design or shape.

Very effective in performing tasks: Automix is very effective when it comes to performing tasks in the kitchen such as whipping egg whites, whisking creams, blending treats, whisking glossy, stiff peaked meringues, whisking egg yolk, kneading dough, whipping dough and cream butter with sugar, mixing up buttercream icing, pureeing of sauces, soups, homemade mayo, drinks, milkshakes, infant food and other similar tasks. It has a powerful electric motor which enables you to carry out challenging tasks and it does not struggle to perform these tasks. 

Well suited for quick tasks: Automix is used in performing those kitchen tasks listed above and comes with a quick mix feature which speeds up the mixing process, irrespective of the ingredient.

Requires little maintenance: It does not require a lot of maintenance, thus, helping you save a lot of money which would have been used in maintaining it.

Lightweight: Automix has a lightweight and this makes it very convenient for caterers who are going for an event. It is also convenient for people who travel a lot and do not want to keep buying a mixer when they travel.

Ergonomically shaped: It is ergonomically shaped and this makes it easy to handle with one hand during usage. Its ergonomic design ensures perfect balance, grip and maneuverability during mixing.

No noisy operation during usage: One of the turn offs of most automatic hand mixers is the loud noise they make during operation or when it is used. Automix is a hand mixer which generates very low sound when it is being used.

Heat resistant materials: Automix is made of materials which are not only top notch but also resistant to heat. This means that it can be used in mixing while on fire without worrying about it melting!

Maintains cleanliness during usage: Your kitchen or cooking place does not have to be in a messy condition while cooking. One wonderful thing about this product is that it does not splatter or splash ingredients while mixing or blending. This leaves your kitchen in a clean state as you go about your cooking.

Easy to clean up after usage: Cleaning up after cooking can be a hard task for some people. However with Automix, you do not have to worry about it because Automix is very easy to clean up after usage.

Continuous usage for a long time: Automix is a hand mixer that is very reliable and can be used continuously for a long period of time. The motor of this product is built in such a way that it can work for long hours without burning out.

Multiple speed options: Automix comes with multiple speed options for mixing and beating ingredients. This  allows you to set and adjust the speed of the machine during mixing. Adjustment of speed does not only help in preventing splashes of ingredients during mixing, but also results in a fine mixing of ingredients.

Can be used in different containers: Automix does not come with any special bowl which restricts you to a particular bowl. In other words, this means that you can do your mixing in any bowl of your choice.

Reduces stress in mixing: Mixing can be stressful when you do not have the right machine to do your mixing. That is why Automix was made with the intention to ease all stress when it comes to mixing or blending. 

User-friendly machine: This hand device is very easy to operate. It does not need any knowledge of any special technical skills to operate you. Just follow the procedure on how to operate which comes with the package. With your AA batteries and a little space to operate it, you are good to go.

Time saver: One factor needed in cooking is knowing how to manage your time well. Automix reduces the time which you would have spent trying to mix or blend ingredients. With Automix, you are assured of finishing your cooking or baking on time.

High quality materials: Automix is made of materials of high quality. This means that you are assured of its effectiveness and efficiency.

Affordable: Automix is not only made of quality materials, but also very affordable. You do not have to break your bank to purchase this product. With a little amount of money, you can enjoy the ease this product brings!

Uses quality AA batteries: Automix makes use of AA batteries which are standard and long-lasting.

Durability: This hand mixer is made of top notch materials and so you can enjoy the value of your product for many years.

How Automix works( AutoMix reviews)

Like I said, Automix is a user-friendly utensil. You can follow these steps when you want to make use of this machine.

Put in your AA battery (Note that without the battery in an accurate place, this device will not work).

Then attach the black and white top which houses the batteries and controls to the metallic whisker which looks like a tripod.

Get a container and pour in the ingredients you want to blend or mix.

Dip the rotating part, which is the metallic whisker, into the bowl that contains your ingredients to facilitate easy mixing of the machine

At the top of the black rubber case which houses the batteries and the controls is the key button of this device. So you can turn on this device by pressing on it.

You can control the speed of the motor using the speed regulator on this device.

N/B: Hold the top of the device while it is on. Also, you can hold and move the device in any direction for detailed mixing of ingredients.

AutoMix reviews
AutoMix reviews

Why is Automix the best hand mixer? (AutoMix reviews)

Automix is the best hand mixer for various reasons.

One is that it gives detailed mixing. Some hand mixers do not blend or mix ingredients properly and this is because they do not have an efficient motor and this can be a huge turn off. The motor is a very important aspect of every mixer. If the motor is not effective, then you are likely not to get a pleasant mixing. 

However, unlike those regular hand mixers which end up disappointing its users due to its inability to blend properly, Automix is a hand mixer which is made up of well built motors used in mixing irrespective of the ingredient. Automix allows you to maneuver through thick ingredients such as dough or thick batter, reaching deep into those ingredients and giving you a smooth and perfect mixture. 

Another is that Automix comes with a quick mix feature. This means that its motor works in an ultra fast way. If you have ever been in a situation where you need to mix or blend something quickly, or need to meet a deadline as a caterer, you will appreciate a mixer that does this job super fast. This automatic hand mixer has a speed control which controls how fast the motor goes. So with Automix, you are assured of getting your mixing or blending tasks done perfectly and in a little time, thus, saving you time for other things that need to be done.

Also, Automix is a no noisy machine. Noise can be a general turnoff because nobody likes too much noise. Moreso, you do not have to let everybody that stays around you know when you are cooking or making use of a mixer. Unlike other mixers which generate a lot of noise, and make you feel uncomfortable using it, Automix produces just little sound. With Automix, you can say goodbye to noisy hand mixers.

Additionally, Automix is made of materials that are heat resistant. This makes it ideal for mixing while on fire. You do not have to be distressed about your mixer burning up or melting when it comes to Automix.

Moreso, Automix helps in maintaining cleanliness during usage. Some mixers splatter or splash ingredients all over the working table, walls and floors when it is being used and this can be very uncomfortable as well as harmful as it can splash hot ingredients on you while mixing on fire. However, with Automix, you are assured of no splashes, thus helping in maintenance of cleanliness in your cooking area or kitchen.

Furthermore, Automix is easy to clean up after usage. Unlike some mixers which are very difficult to clean up due to the fact that some particles of the blended ingredients cling on to the body of those mixers, Automix is made of materials which does not allow for ingredients to cling on to it during mixing. This helps in easy clean up after each usage.

Also, you are assured of continuous effectiveness. Automix is unlike other automatic hand mixers in which the motor loses its sharpness to blend or mix ingredients after some time. With Automix, you do not have to worry about the machine malfunctioning as you are assured of continuous effectiveness of its motor and the machine in general.

In your cooking experience so far, have you experienced a situation where you need to mix in different containers? if you have, you would appreciate having a mixer that does not come with any special container.  Automix is an automatic mixer, different from  some mixers which comes with a special cup that makes you unable to mix in another container. Automix gives you the freedom to mix in any bowl or container of your choice.

Moreover, Automix produces only a little vibration when it is being used. Strong or excess vibration of a mixer can be a huge turn off as it tends to cause splashes of ingredients during mixing and as well as make the mixing process a very uncomfortable process. But with Automix, you are assured of just a little vibration which is almost not noticed, thus, preventing splashes of ingredients and helping in a stress free mixing.

Also, Automix comes with multiple speed options to control the speed of the motor of the automatic hand mixer. Controlling the speed helps in preventing splashes as well as results in fine mixing or blending of ingredients, irrespective of the ingredient.

Also important is the ergonomic design of this product. Its ergonomic design ensures perfect balance during mixing and helps in easy and firm grip of this hand mixer with one hand during mixing. Its ergonomic shape also helps in easy maneuvering of the machine to ensure detailed mixing of ingredients such as strong batter. 

Lastly, another beautiful thing about this product is its compact size. Its small size makes it convenient to be packed in your small kitchen cabinet, atop your kitchen cabinet, as well as to be traveled with if you do not want to spend money purchasing another. It does not occupy much space when it is in use, making it convenient to be placed anywhere there is little space in your cooking space or kitchen.

AutoMix reviews
AutoMix reviews

Is Automix legit or is it a scam? (AutoMix reviews)

Automix is a hand mixer which is not only very effective but is also ultra fast. Automix is made of top notch materials which leaves you no doubt of its durability. Many people who have purchased and utilized this product have tested the efficiency of Automix.

Automix can be purchased directly from our online store through the link provided. Purchasing it directly saves you from scammers or buying inferior products.

Pros(AutoMix reviews)

  • Time saver with minimal effort.
  •  Grind and mix properly.
  •  Takes a small space due to small size.
  • Quick mix feature.
  • Safe stirrer.
  •  No noisy operation during usage.
  • Can be used continuously for a long time.
  • Performs detailed mixing.
  • Can be used in different containers or bowls.
  • Has a powerful electric motor.
  • Causes little vibration during usage.
  •  Sturdy and powerful.
  • Uses standard AA batteries.
  • Heat resistant materials.
  • Different speed levels for speed control.
  • Maintains cleanliness during usage.
  • Eliminates all stress experienced in mixing or blending.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  •  Easy to clean up after usage.
  • High quality materials.
  • Multiple speed options.
  • Light quality of materials.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Very convenient for caterers.
  • Causes no inconveniences during traveling.
  •  Continuous usage for a long time.
  • Portable.
  • Not expensive.
  • Durable.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

Cons (AutoMix reviews)

  •  Limited in stock.
  •  Can only be purchased from our online store.
  •  Can’t not be purchased from any offline retail store.

Where can Automix be purchased? (AutoMix reviews)

Automix is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website. Purchasing this product directly from the official store will guarantee you enjoy the best prices and value of the product.

Moreso, purchasing Automix from the official website will guarantee your getting the company’s original product and save you from fraudsters as well as buying imitations. To ensure you get the product’s original, we have included a link to direct you to Automix official store.

Buying Automix from the official website equally means you get to enjoy not only the company’s free shipping services, but also its fast shipping system. Also, purchasing of this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Payment for your purchase of  Automix can be made through Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, Discover and other credit cards.Visit now by clicking the link to place your orders.

Customers’ reviews on Automix (AutoMix reviews)

I love baking and I bake often. Before coming across Automix, I had used other hand mixers which did not give me a perfect job. But ever since I started using Automix, it gives me a perfect mixture and it does the mixing super fast!


I have been using this product for some weeks now and I can say it is doing perfectly well. Its motor is working efficiently and it has given me good results so far.


I had gone through a lot jumping from one hand mixer to another and it was not funny at all. A friend of mine recommended this product some weeks ago, but actually I didn’t want to be disappointed again and I was scared of my money going to waste again. But after some convictions, I decided to try Automix out and I can say today that I do not regret buying it at all.


I bought this utensil some weeks back and it has reduced the stress I experience while baking. Also, Automix works super fast, makes just a quiet sound during operation, gives me a perfect mixing and is so easy to clean up when I’m done. And also considering the fact that it is really affordable, I will give Automix a five star!!


Concluding remark (AutoMix reviews)

Automix is an automatic hand mixer which you can use in whisking, whipping as well as kneading quickly and with ease.Ergonomically designed and made of premium materials, it leaves no doubts of its high quality and you can be sure of enjoying the value of your money for many years.

Purchase of Automix can be done on the official store, through the link provided. Hurry up now to enjoy our free shipping services which run for a limited time.