Brightselfie Pro reviews

BrightSelfie Pro reviews 2022; Read this Bright selfie Pro review before buying!

BrightSelfie Pro reviews; Ring light is a common gadget today as it is now a popular lighting choice for YouTubers, vloggers, digital marketers, make-up artists, social media influencers and people alike. Hitherto, well lit and high quality images were thought to be produced by phones. But today, top quality images and videos are being produced through light effects from lighting equipment.

After much surveys and experiments in our laboratory, we have come up with  an ultra bright LED selfie light – BrightSelfie Pro, which improves your photos and images by providing bright light with perfect diffusion, softening shadows, creating iconic Halo catchlights and adding a professional pop to your photos and videos.

In this review of BrightSelfie Pro, we will be evaluating the features, benefits, how BrightSelfie pro works, its pros and cons, who can make use of it and what customers are saying about BrightSelfie pro.

What is BrightSelfie Pro? (BrightSelfie Pro reviews)

BrightSelfie Pro is an ultra bright Light-emitting diode (LED) light which can be attached on smartphones, laptops, palmtops and other similar gadgets to give you flawless and professional images and footage.

This ring light comes with multiple brightness modes which gives you options to choose from, depending on your skin color, environment and the time of the day.

Bright Selfie pro also comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery which charges swiftly, giving you hours of continuous shooting when charged.

Features of BrightSelfie Pro (BrightSelfie Pro reviews)

Rechargeable battery: BrightSelfie Pro comes with a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable, charges fast and lasts long for an hour when fully charged.

One key power button: This clip-on ring light has a button by the side and it comes on by pressing this button.

Package size: In BrightSelfie Pro, the package size is 85*85*32mm and the package G.W. is 89.5g. Its small size and light weight makes it very portable and convenient to be carried about.

Charging port: BrightSelfie Pro has a charging port for charging this clip-on selfie ring light. This device starts charging as soon as it is connected to a power source.

Multiple brightness levels: BrightSelfie Pro has multiple brightness levels which are actually three in number. This gives you options to choose how you want to brighten your selfies, footage and others. It also allows you to adjust the lighting to your environment, time of the day, as well as to your skin color.

Spherical O-ring form: BrightSelfie Pro comes in a spherical O-ring form which is clipped on your smart phones and used in taking beautiful footage.

Brightselfie Pro reviews
Brightselfie Pro reviews

Why do you need BrightSelfie Pro? (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

There are various reasons why you need BrightSelfie Pro.

One of the reasons is that it produces effective lighting which helps you take better selfies. Believe it or not, the right lighting can make or mar your pictures. If you have seen a professional photographer working, you will know they work with complex lights and reflectors. 

Why? Because lighting is the game of every photograph. With BrightSelfie Pro, you do not only get to lit up your face using its effective light source which highlights best features and produces sharp and beautiful pictures, but you also get to set up your own mini photography studio be it at home, at an event, when you are on a vacation or trip, wherever you want.

Also, with BrightSelfie Pro, you get to make and post better videos. Good lighting is not only necessary in pictures, it is also very important while making video clips. Good lighting has a way of making your videos look professional and very beautiful, making people want to click and watch your videos. There are different lighting levels to choose from based on the color of your skin, the time of the day, as well as your environment. 

Additionally, you get to shine in all your video calls. The internet has virtually reduced the world to a global village. Through video calls, you can now keep in touch with your spouse, friends and family. With BrightSelfie Pro, you get to look your best during video calls. All you need to do is to adjust the brightness level to the situation, and watch how you shine in every zoom, WhatsApp, and iPhone video call.

Moreover, with BrightSelfie Pro, you do not need an iPhone or a phone with a very good camera as these phones can be quite expensive. However, with BrightSelfie Pro which comes with soft light which lights up your face, you will get clean and lovely footage with no stress.

Lastly, BrightSelfie Pro is rechargeable. You can easily charge it and have no worries about your light running out. This is because It comes with a lithium ion battery which gives you continuous hours of  light when fully charged. 

Moreover, with BrightSelfie Pro, you get to say goodbye to unflattering shadows, dark spots, and blemishes while taking pictures or making videos, thus, helping your pictures and videos stand out.

Benefits of BrightSelfie Pro (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

Gives your eyes a special glint: The ring light effect in BrightSelfie Pro adds a special glint which is like bright thin rings to your eyes. It is actually called an iconic halo catch light. This creates a playful glow in your eyes, grabs your viewers’ attention and sets your pictures and footage apart from others.

Removes all shadows, dark spots and blemishes: Shadows in pictures or videos have a way of ruining the pictures or videos. Same, goes to dark spots and blemishes. However, thanks to the small round base in the BrightSelfie pro which removes all shadows, black spots and blemishes, making your visual media look professional always.

Multiple brightness levels: One of the beauties about ring lights is their brightness. With BrightSelfie Pro, you get to choose from three brightness levels. This gives you options to choose, based on your environment, your skin color and the moment of the day, the best brightness that fits perfectly and gives you a flawless look.

No need for editing: Editing cannot only be a bit stressful and time consuming, and you might end up not getting what you desire. However, with BrightSelfie Pro, you get to select the lighting level of your choice and you do not need to edit your shots or videos cause you already have a professional and perfect visual media. It is just designed to make every user a professional.

Helps you manage the light source easily: BrightSelfie Pro helps you adjust the brightness level so that no strong reflections appear on your face while taking selfies. However, do not bring the phone too close to your face while taking selfies so your image does not become too bright.

Takes away all imperfections: Another beautiful advantage of BrightSelfie Pro is that it makes invisible all imperfections, be it while you are taking pictures or making videos. It just gives your shots and videos a perfect look.

No need for studio pictures: Taking pictures in studios can be expensive and you may not get your desired shots. But with BrightSelfie Pro, you can create your mini studio anywhere you are. It could be at home, in a park, when you are on a vacation, in a mall, anywhere you please. Don’t you think that’s beautiful?

Relatively inexpensive: BrightSelfie Pro is very affordable. You do not need to break your bank to purchase this product and when you buy this product you are assured of enjoying the value of your money 100%.

Long lasting battery: This product comes with a lithium ion battery which is long lasting. So with Bright Selfie Pro, you get to enjoy hours of uninterrupted selfies and videos!

No heating up of LEDs: Unlike some phone ring lights which cause overheating of the light-emitting diode, with BrightSelfie Pro, you have no worries about your LED heating up.

Makes it very convenient for you to make visual media: If you have watched professional photography taking shots, you will know they move around with complex equipment used in taking those shots and this can be very inconveniencing. But with Bright Selfie Pro, you do not have to worry about moving around equipment because Bright Selfie Pro is in a little compact form, light weight and which can be easily carried around in your little handbag, or pocket or purse, making it very convenient for you to carry around with you. 

Rechargeable: BrightSelfie Pro is a rechargeable phone ring light. It has a lithium ion battery so it lasts for long periods of time when fully charged.

User friendly: BrightSelfie Pro is unlike those complex ring lights which  you have to set up or which are difficult to operate. With BrightSelfie Pro, you do not need any special experience, or technical skills for you to take your high quality footage or pictures with it. This phone ring light is very easy to operate or use.

Can be used on all smartphones, laptops, palmtops and other similar gadgets: Unlike some phone ring lights which work on selected smartphones or communication gadgets, BrightSelfie Pro works on all smartphones, laptops, palmtops, tablets and other similar gadgets.

Brightselfie Pro reviews
Brightselfie Pro reviews

How to make use of BrightSelfie Pro (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

BrightSelfie Pro is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps.

  • First, ensure your phone ring light is charged up.
  • Then, put on the phone ring light by pressing the power button by the side.
  • Press the phone ring light at one edge. It will open up like a clip.
  • Then clip on your smart phone and start making your visual media in a lovely and professional way.

NB: Ensure you do not mask the entrance going through the digicam while clipping the phone ring light on your phone.

Also, you can follow these same steps while using this ring light on your palmtops, laptops and other similar gadgets.

Who can make use of BrightSelfie Pro? (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

Everyone can make use of BrightSelfie Pro, ranging from photographers, vloggers, streamers, website bloggers, digital marketer, social media influencers, vacationers, to just everybody.

If you are into photography, you will always need to take shots with bright adjustable lights. Bad lighting can mar a good photograph cause it makes it look grainy, out of focus and shadowy. So, as a photographer, you need a phone ring light such as BrightSelfie Pro, to give you the best lighting and make your selfies or photos on point.

As a vlogger or professional videographer, or someone who creates personal videos to post on social media platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Quota among others, you need a ring light to improve your webcam, and to make great photo and video shots. Why? Because viewers are more attracted and pay more attention to videos with good quality.

Are you a streamer? Do you perform an action onscreen or do live recordings to be uploaded on the internet or various social media platforms as listed above? Then you will need BrightSelfie Pro. For instance, if you are a caterer and want to show off your preparation of various creative dishes, you need to have a phone light ring. 

Also, if you are into art and like to broadcast yourself creating paintings, sculptures, illustrations, singing, dancing, creating films, doing graphics designs and other forms of art, you will also need a ring light. And this is why we recommend an effective phone ring light – BrightSelfie Pro, which gives you the best lighting that makes whatever live video you make stand out and attract many viewers who would always want to visit your site and watch your live videos.

Brightselfie Pro reviews

If you are a blogger, you will always need images to compliment your content. That is to say that as a blogger, you always have to update your page with visual media. You might also have to do phone or video interviews. With BrightSelfie Pro, you can effectively market your blogs with lovely images and videos and draw more viewers to your blogs.

Additionally, as a digital marketer or online advertiser, you need to promote your business or what you are advertising. Hitherto, businesses were done moving from place to place to meet your potential customers or going to a market place to market your products. 

However, with the help of technology today, you can advertise your products, be it footwear, hand bags, furniture, wigs/weaves,  clothes, underwear, whatever you can think of, online. All you have to do is to take nice pictures or make lovely videos of your product using BrightSelfie Pro and upload them on various social media platforms where people can view your products online, as well as purchase them.

Moreso, a social media influence needs to have BrightSelfie Pro. More than 3.4 billion people actively use social media. That is to say that more than 45% of the world’s population make use of social media and these social media users look up to influencers in social media to guide them on decision making. 

As a social media influencer who creates trends and encourages your followers to buy products which you promote, you always need to make videos where you educate people and engage them to pay close attention to your views or products you are advertising. That is where BrightSelfie Pro comes in because with BrightSelfie Pro, you are assured of top quality footage.

Lastly, if you are on a trip or on vacation and wish to seize the opportunity to keep images or videos of lovely moments or you just wish to capture special moments or everyday moments, then you can do so with BrightSelfie Pro. BrightSelfie Pro helps you keep flattering images and footage of special moments. 

Why BrightSelfie Pro is the best phone ring light (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

One of the beauties of Bright Selfie Pro is its light effect. BrightSelfie Pro comes with multiple lighting modes or levels which you can choose from. It also comes with a 360° fill light which gives you perfect diffusion and a self timer which illuminates your beauty, giving you professional and high quality images and videos. 

With Bright Selfie Pro, you don’t have to worry about shadows, blemishes or dark spots displaying while taking shots or making videos. This is because BrightSelfie Pro comes with a beauty-enhancer which makes your visual media look flawless!

Unlike other phone ring lights which can disappoint you when it runs out of charge, with BrightSelfie Pro, one charge is enough to meet hours of continuous shooting. This is because BrightSelfie Pro comes with a strong built-in rechargeable battery with high power densities.

Brightselfie Pro reviews

Another beautiful feature of this ring light is its compatibility with all smart phones and similar communication gadgets like laptops, palmtops, among others. 

Additionally, BrightSelfie Pro is small in size and weighs little. The package size is 85*85*33 and the package G.W. is 89.5g. This makes it very convenient to be carried about while traveling, going on vacation or on a trip.

Also, this phone ring light is very easy to use. You do not need any technical or special skills to be able to operate it. 

Lastly, BrightSelfie Pro is made of the best quality grade materials which leaves no doubt of durability and meets all your needs when it comes to visual media.

Brightselfie Pro reviews
Brightselfie Pro reviews

Pros and cons of BrightSelfie Pro (Brightselfie Pro reviews)


  • Bright light with perfect diffusion.
  • Beauty enhancing.
  •  Skin brightening.
  •  Beautiful fill-in light.
  •  Needs no editing
  •  Gives professional pictures and videos
  • Eliminates all shadows, blemishes and dark spots.
  • Gives iconic halo catchlights which grabs viewers’ attention immediately.
  • Gives flawless visual media.
  • Helps you manage light source distance.
  • Comes with an excellent light source.
  • Multiple brightness modes.
  • Compatible with all smartphones and similar gadgets.
  •  Gives uniform, perfect bright light.
  • Very convenient to be carried around.
  • Helps you do your own mini studio anywhere.
  •  No need for setup before use.
  • No heating of LEDs.
  •  Light weight.
  • Long lasting batteries.
  •  Made with high quality materials.
  •  Easy and simple smartphone attachment.
  •  Reasonable price value.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Limited in stock.
  • Not available in any offline retail store.
  • Only available in the official online store.

Where can I buy BrightSelfie Pro? (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

BrightSelfie Pro is one of the top-selling and affordable self ring lights around the world. You can purchase BrightSelfie Pro from the official website and a link has been provided to directly connect you to the manufacturer’s website where the product can be purchased.

Purchasing it directly from the official website saves you trouble from scammers, as well as, from buying sub standard or inferior products. Buying from our direct website gets you the genuine selfie ring light at an affordable price.Also, you get to enjoy our fast shipping services when you buy directly from the company’s official website.

Brightselfie Pro reviews

Customer reviews on BrightSelfie Pro (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

Many of our customers who have purchased and used BrightSelfie Pro have testified to the value of this product. Here are some of their reviews.

I love this ring light so much cause it doesn’t cause me any inconveniences while carrying it around. So I get to take lovely selfies wherever I go. 


I am an online advertiser. I came across this phone ring light online and decided to check it out. I can say its lighting wowes me cause it gives my products flawless images and makes people want to buy them.


: With BrightSelfie Pro, I don’t need to waste money going for a professional photographer again cause BrightSelfie has made me a professional photographer!!


This phone ring light deserves a five-star. Its quality is just out of this world.


Last remarks (Brightselfie Pro reviews)

BrightSelfie Pro is a ring light which can be attached to phones, laptops, tabs or palmtops and other similar gadgets and used in making visual media in a flawless and professional way.

This ring light can be used by anyone ranging from vloggers, streamers, photographers, digital marketers, vacationers, social media influencers, website bloggers to just anybody. BrightSelfie Pro can be purchased directly from the official store. All you have to do is click on the link provided. 

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