CleanX review

CleanX review 2021;Does this amazing electric shoe cleaner worth it?

CleanX review; Clean shoes give a certain sort of confidence because when people meet us, they unconsciously look at our feet. Good and clean shoes give a certain kind of confidence and convenience. It is refreshing to wear clean shoes as wearing dirty shoes cause foot rot and fungal infections which are terrible to the feet. 

Shoes which are not clean also cause smelly feet and you do not want to walk into a place and have people scrunch their noses in disgust because they can smell your shoe from a mile away and it smells like skunk. This makes caring for our shoes a necessity and it is something we do every day to keep them refreshing. 

There are shoes which also need to be cleaned every day and carefully and for that purpose, we need a shoe cleaner which can clean the innermost parts of your shoes quite easily. Have you ever thought about being able to clean your shoes without stress? That is, just turning a switch on and off and being able to clean your shoes without much stress. 

Well, if you have thought about that before, today is your lucky day because I found a product which will help you clean your shoes without stress and effort from you. CleanX shoe cleaner is one such device. Leather shoes are clean and stylish but that’s only true when you take care of them properly which is why  them properly.  

What is CleanX? (CleanX review)

CleanX shoe cleaner is an electric shoe cleaner which cleans your shoes effectively and efficiently. It is lightweight and portable and helps clean your shoes. It is an easy to use and versatile tool or device which cleans your shoes and saves a great deal of time and stress for you. 

It is built with the superior general purpose boar bristle brush which is known for its power for making all shoe types ranging from Nike, Adidas, Suedes and others looking new regardless of the age of or stain on your sneakers. Whether you are a professional cobbler or seeking to elevate your existing look, this device offers a convenient way to keep your shoes and leather goods clean and polished. 

Unlike manual horsehair brushes often used for shoe cleaning, electric shining kits allow you to easily clean shoes with little to no mess or physical effort required. CleanX also reduces and controls the brush pressure for you. This ensures you won’t accidentally damage the leather during the polishing process. 

This is both electric and compact and since it is battery powered, it is safe in your hand and harmless to the ecosystem. It also does not have an offensive synthetic odor. Your shoes and cleaners will only have a fresh and electric smell which will make you confident. 

The effective turning brush makes it easy and astounding as it helps in quick cleaning. It has various detachable heads of varying colors which can be fixed and used at will.

Features of CleanX (CleanX review)

  • Material: Plastic
  • Mode of operation: Battery powered
  • Power Supply: 2×AA Battery
  • Color: Brown, white and black.
  • Size: 13×7×4.5 cm/5.31×2.76×1.77
  • Weight: 214g
  • Condition:100% Brand New
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 3W
  • High-speed pure copper motor and high-performance lithium battery
  • Fast charge and can be charged with the use of a power bank.
  • Automated shoes and sneakers cleaner with high voltage.
  • Effective rotating brush for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Safe to use on all sorts of shoes.
  • Leaves no marks on shoes and does not cause damage.
  • Simple to use with a low profile design.
  • Extremely compact and easy to carry.
  • Wireless and battery powered device.
  • Effective on leather, patent leather, rubber, and synthetic fabrics and meshes.
  • Good for making all designs and brands of shoes look brand new and shiny.
  • Made with the premium all-purpose boar bristle brush.
  • Made and designed in Hong Kong.

How does CleanX work? (CleanX review)

The working principle of this device is quite easy. You just pick the device and select any of the brushes which you want and fix to the moveable head. 

Turn the device on afterwards and use it on your shoes or sneakers.  

How to use CleanX (CleanX review)

It is important to first untie your shoe laces to make cleaning the upper part easier. 

Then, pull the shoe tongue out and use the shoe cleaner on all parts of your shoe. 

Besides, the shoe lace will have to be cleaned physically so it is advisable to remove it. 

Next, wet the brush with water and add a little amount of cleaning solution to it. 

You can either dip the brush into the solution or pour the solution on the brush before dipping in clean water again. 

You can start your cleaning game now. The solution applied will create bubbles on your shoes during the cleaning process so it is recommended that you have an old cloth or towel with you to wipe the extra bubbles away to prevent your hands from getting dirty and to wipe away any dirt or that may accumulate during the process. 

Apply detergent evenly to your shoes or sneakers using a microfiber material before switching the device on by pressing the button. 

Place the brush on the shoe and use it on every part where you require it for the look you want your shoe to have. 

After use, clean off every residue left on your shoe with a cloth or rinse with water. 

Rinse the brush with water after removing the detachable head and leave to dry before storing.

CleanX automatic shoe cleaner does not require high maintenance but it certainly needs maintenance so as to last for a long period of time. 

The process of maintaining this device is quite easy but it does not mean you have to abuse its usefulness so as not to be disappointed. 

Do not be rash with the motor power because high heat can be caused by the motor power which will cause the high rotating speed brush head to create lots of friction. 

This is extremely dangerous for both your shoes and the device. 

The organization refined the motor rotation standard without harming the leather surface despite testing on different leather surfaces. 

This goes to prove that the device can be used for a long period of time without harming or causing damage to your shoes so you have to be really careful when using this device. 

The belief that the higher the pressure applied on the device, the cleaner the surface of your shoe or sneaker is faux and should be discouraged. 

Thus, do not apply too much pressure when using CleanX on the surface of your shoes to prevent charring. Gently use the device on your shoes. 

CleanX review
CleanX review


Why Should You Buy CleanX? (CleanX review)

This device should be bought for a lot of reasons but the most prominent being that it makes cleaning shoes easy and faster. 

It is worth every penny spent on it because it is convenient to use and goes a long way to save time and money. It is also has the following: 

  • Convenient shoe cleaner kit machine: This electric shoe brush kit can provide you with more convenient cleaning and shoe shine kit solutions. 

Whether you go to work, business visit or even travel, it can be the great leather cleaner to make your shoes have an enviable professional new look.

  • Portable design: CleanX has small brushes which are lightweight making it easy to carry and suitable for indoor and outdoor with diversified use scenarios. 

It can be placed in the home shoe cabinet, placed in the office drawer, or carried on a trip. It can be charged with a small power bank via USB cable anytime.    

  • Works on all cleanable shoes: This device works on shoes which are cleanable but with detergent or polish providing quick, easy and clean care for all kinds of leathers, vinyl, nubuck, like leather shoes, bags, leather jacket etc. 

It can also be used on furniture like sofa, car mat and more. You only need a few minutes to make them clean and shiny. 

No more embarrassing moments; dirty and smelly shoes in business meetings, paying for cleaning, trouble in shoes polishing, dirty hands with shoe polish and plenty of other embarrassing things.

  • With extra replaceable brush: CleanX comes with extra brushes of different colors which can be replaced and used for shoes of different colors and types. 

It also comes with a shoe polishing brush, oil brush and leather brush. If you use the electric shoe brush to clean your shoe, it can reduce workload, save your time and not dirty your hands. 

With a variety of leather shoes brushes with different colors it is easy to change the brush head, shiny leather shoes are so simple.

  • Rechargeable battery: It has a high performance motor and lithium battery which ensures long service life. It requires 5 hours of safety charging time when charging is required. 

It can work for one and a half hours constantly. It adopts humanized design, mobile phone charger and car charger can be charged. 

Who needs CleanX?(CleanX review)

CleanX review
CleanX review

If you are the sort of person who does not wear plenty of leather shoes and rarely ever goes out, then you do not have to worry so much about buying this device. 

However, if you are the opposite of the above mentioned, you certainly need this device then especially if you wear your shoes frequently. 

I own a couple of shoes which are worn in rotation and I will admit that caring for them is a bit tiring and difficult. 

Since I found out about this device months ago, cleaning my shoes has become a lot more enjoyable. 

It is by far superior to any other thing I have used to shine my shoes in the past making me relaxed and better. 

It does not take so long to do the traditional shoe shine by hand with a bit of cream polish and a horsehair brush for buffing. 

But, I wanted something which would make the task of adding wax polish, mirror shine on the toe caps of my shoes faster and better. 

I did not want to spend a half hour or more coaxing a highly buffed mirror shine from the toe cap of each shoe. 

I discovered that by using an electric shoe cleaner, I can produce high quality mirror shine with less wax, less effort, and much less time. 

Problem solved! I found CleanX online and I decided to give it a try. Since I made that choice, I have not regretted it for one day. 

With CleanX automatic shoe cleaner, you get a higher shoe shine. 

Also, it does a great job of quickly polishing the edges of the soles and heels. The rotating buffing action of a soft, brittle brush is the secret to a fast high quality mirror shine.  

Is CleanX worth it?(CleanX review)

The CleanX automatic cleaning device is a device which does not spoil quite easily or need high maintenance. 

It is certainly worth its price because when the duration of use and the amount which it is bought for is compared, you will very much realize that it is worth giving a try. 

Also, with a good pair of shoes costing hundreds of dollars, retiring your shoes and sneakers once the color starts to fade is not a really good idea. 

This is where good shoe polish and cleaners come in. However, sometimes even the toughest of men cannot use their strength on those stubborn stains and scuffs so electric shoe polishers do the hard work. 

This device uses motor power to buff away scuffs and stains. Alternatively, buffing in product by hand is less effective at deeply cleaning shoes because of the strength differences. 

Along with the quality of cleaning comes the time it takes to get their shoes back. CleanX automatic shoe cleaner works more effectively if you want to clean shoes quickly because of increased strength. 

So, instead of spending fifteen minutes scrubbing back and forth, you will be ready to hit the road in a couple of seconds. 

It will help you save money and time for a long period of time. With the use of this device too, your old sneakers and shoes will last more because when they are cleaned regularly and properly with the use of this device, it becomes long lasting and looks better and better every day. 

If you prefer taking your shoes to the cobbler, you certainly will not have to worry about that anymore because this device cleans your shoes faster, better and the process is less untidy. 

Secondly, money which would be spent paying someone else and time which will be spent going to a cobbler’s will be saved.

CleanX review
CleanX review

Pros and Cons of CleanX (CleanX review)

It certainly feels good to have someone clean your shoes for you but there is an easy way for you to do it and it will help you save all that money and time going to someone else. 

  • It can be used by urban workers, elites from all walks of life, and business people. It provides quick, easy and clean care for all kinds of leather shoes, leather bags and other leather care.
  • It adopts humanized design; phone and car charger can be charged. It can be placed in the shoe cabinet, placed in the office and cars and easy to carry about due to its lightweight.
  • With a high speed pure copper motor and high performance lithium battery to ensure the service time. It can work for one and a half hours when fully charged for five and a half hours.
  • It is small in size, light weight, saves time and does not make hands dirty. It can be used with a variety of shoe types and has a variety of leather shoe brushes with different colors which are easy to change. 

Shiny leather shoes become easy to clean or polish with the use of this device. 

  • Clean and easy way to shine shoes.
  • Quality components ensure long lasting operations.
  • Hands free operation.
  • Keeps the surroundings clean.
  • They are compact and portable.
  • Glazing, polishing, dust removal to the surface of the leather shoes, side door, jumping for cleaning and maintenance.
  • It saves time and labor because there will be no need to bend over to wipe your shoes as this machine can be operated completely with your feet then gives you bright shoes in a few minutes.  

Just place it in your hallway and take a little time to clean, polish your shoes every time you go home or go out.

  • Two brushes combination: There are two different kinds of brushes, brown one and black one for different colors shoes. Besides, the brushes are also divided into hard one and soft ones. 
  • Wide application: The shoes polishing machine is compact and lightweight which does not occupy too much space and is equipped with robust carrying handle, convenient to carry, perfect for family use; bus, train, subway station, airport, office and hotel use.
  • Automatic machine including automatic sensor. It will work automatically when shoes approach them and then begin to remove the dirt by touching the bottom of the polish dispenser. This device turns off after fifteen seconds of not being in use.
  • Does not make a lot of noise. 
  • Will not damage the leather.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be used for other leather products such as your bags and chairs, etc.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Labels to tell you which brush to use.
  • Press lock system helps you attach and detach brushes while your hands remain clean.

CONS(CleanX review)

  • It can only be found on the website and ordered online but a lot of other products are ordered online so that is not so much of a problem, yeah?
  • Limited stock on the website

Money back guarantee and Refund Policy: 

Online shopping may not be the most reliable thing, but if you are directly buying through the official website, there are no chances of risks.

 According to the official CleanX website, there are many reasons to say that CleanX is a good investment.

Official Refund Policy

The refund policy of the company is an effort to win the trust of new customers.

 It is to tell them that they won’t lose any money and their purchase can be free from any risk, as offered by any other product. 

This policy also shows that the company is so confident about its product that it is willing to return the total amount if it fails to satisfy any user.

 Secure Payments

The company accepts online payments and doesn’t offer cash on delivery for CleanX. 

If you are worried about your data breach, you can be relieved to know that the company uses the most secure payment methods, i.e., PayPal, debit, or credit card payment.

Additionally, the company only takes your primary data, i.e., name, and address to ship this product. There are no chances that this data is going to be misused against you.

The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. 

You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. 

As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. 

You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.You will be refunded immediately.

Customer written CleanX review

This product is so good and portable to use.I doubt its efficiency initially but it has proven to be  one of the best products i purchased online for a while now.


CleanX has been of immense use in keeping our shoes clean.It always helps to prevent any sort of odour from our shoes.


This is a wonderful product…I fully recommend it for anyone that detest smelly shoes.


This product is affordable and efficient! wonderful product there!


FAQs (CleanX review)

Is this product easy to use?

Yes! CleanX is so easy to use.You just need to read the manufacturer’s instructions and a well detailed CleanX review like this and you’re good to go!

Where can I buy this product?

This product is not found anywhere else except the official CleanX website.

Final thoughts on CleanX (CleanX review)

If you are looking for a way to polish your shoes easily and quickly without much stress then this product is for you. 

CleanX automatic shoe shiner is so easy to use that you begin to wonder if it is actually performing the function it is supposed to. 

You just simply assemble the device using the simple steps which are explained above and begin using the device. 

You can hurriedly shine your shoes before going out somewhere to work especially if it is an emergency. 

You do not have to worry about getting late. Also, the little tips and money which you spend on paying cobblers and professionals can be saved and channeled into something else. 

You can do this without much time and effort. With this device, you can look your best and make the right first impression on the people you meet. 

No more embarrassments or trouble with smelly and bad looking shoes. 

You can also go on dates with those really old shoes without anyone at all having an inkling about the type or quality of your shoe. It will also go a long way to boost your self confidence.