Lumia Delicado review

Lumia Delicado review 2022; Legit or scam?

Lumia Delicado review; A flawless, healthy and shiny skin is something everyone wants and aims for because not only does it makes you feel really good and confident about yourself, it attracts people to you too. 

Like, damn girl! Your skin is a killer. The skin which is made up of three layers sheds its outer layer every time. 

This activity is one which is not visible to the human eyes hence it is slightly difficult to believe but it happens. 

When the skin sheds, the outer layer becomes pretty rough and unattractive causing things like acne, pimples, and wrinkles which is why we have to exfoliate, cleanse and massage the skin every day. 

The stressful activities of our regular lives and routine affect the condition of our skin causing breakage, and wrinkling which is a disaster. 

Nobody wants to walk around looking like a turtle. The skin of the face especially needs utmost care and attention and that is the purpose Lumia Delicado is here to serve. 

It gives a glowing and radiant skin by helping your skin shed off its waste faster by stimulating cellular skin cells to increase collagen production using heat, infrared technology and vibration which opens the clogged pores of the skin and in turn reveal the skin underneath which is glowing and radiant. 

A glowing skin is a sign of a healthy skin and what better way to achieve that than use a product which is tested and trusted?

Skin care is a routine daily procedure in many settings, such as skin that is either too dry or too moist and prevention of dermatitis and prevention of skin injuries. 

It is a part of the treatment of wound healing, radiation therapy and some medications. A skin which is neither moist nor dry but just in-between is a perfect kin because it glows.

What is Lumia Delicado?(Lumia Delicado review)

Lumia Delicado is an electronic, hand held, multifunctional, facial cleansing device which cleanses,massages and exfoliates the skin with its detachable silicon head thereby making cellular skin cells produce a protein called collagen.

 This  makes the skin glow by the use of medical LED light therapy which penetrates into the skin to stimulate the protein and increase circulation of the collagen.

It generates new cells with the use of heat, vibration and infrared technology. The cells rise to the surface after the old, broken and wrinkled cells have been cleansed off with this device. 

A device which can give you a professional skin care treatment and massage from the comfort of your own home. Lumia Delicado is a device which will certainly save you time, money and energy. 

You can use the device at any time of the day for just a couple of minutes so you have absolutely no problems about having to go to the spa or to a dermatologist. 

It also helps the skin relax by massaging it which increases blood circulation towards the face. 

Lumia Delicado cleanses the face and removes 95% of the trapped oil, dirt, and bacteria from the skin pores. 

Features of Lumia Delicado (Lumia Delicado review)

Lumia Delicado review
Lumia Delicado review

Lumia Delicado has two features; eye care function, and the cleansing face function. 

Before using this device, endeavor to cleanse the area; the face and make sure to remove all ointment and cream.

To use the Lumia Delicado cleansing function, follow the following steps:

  1. Wet your face with water before using this device.
  2. Applying any cleanser of your choice to the silicon head of the device and not on your face to enable the device give you best results.
  1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button in the middle of the device.
  1.  Switch the vibration function on by pressing the button on the right. The button turns the function on and off.
  1. Now, run the device over your face in small circular motions for sixty seconds in order to clean your face. 

This motion helps the heat and LED get into the pores of your face and unclogs them.

Remember to not leave the device over a particular spot for more than a few seconds to avoid getting burns on your skin. 

That will certainly ruin all the hard work you are putting into getting flawless skin.

How to use the Lumia Delicado eye care function (Lumia Delicado review)

  1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  2. There is a button to the left which is the switch to the heating function. 

Turn it on and leave it to heat for a few seconds; 45-60 seconds.

  1. Switch on the vibration button next.
  1. Then, move the device gently from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of each eye for about 5-7 minutes while also being careful to avoid using the device over closed eyes or eyelids.

This function removes the wrinkle lines from the corner of the eye to give your face an even and smooth look.

How Does Lumia Delicado Work?(Lumia Delicado review)

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an infrared light which is emitted in different wavelengths and spectrum from the silicon head of the device. 

The red light promotes circulation and the blue light kills bacteria but of course, these lights are not easily detectable so do not bother searching. 

The red LED light stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen which gives the skin its plump look. 

It also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, treats sun damage and stretch marks and reduces redness. 

It may improve scarring and signs of aging. It also reduces skin inflammation. 

The blue LED light reduces activity in the sebaceous glands which are small oil-producing glands in the skin. 

This reduction in activity causes the glands to produce less oil, possibly improving acne symptoms. 

Blue light may also kill a type of bacteria that contributes to acne by causing inflammation. 

The LED light therapy can treat a variety of skin problems including acne, dermatitis, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring, and signs of aging including wrinkles and age spots, sun damage, wound healing and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

One of the benefits of the LED light therapy is its safety record. It does not contain UV rays which can be harmful to the skin therefore the LED therapy is suitable for regular use. 

Unlike the chemical peels or laser therapy, LED light therapy does not cause burns. 

The treatment is also safe for all types and colors of skin.

Lumia Delicado uses this LED light to function and from everything which we have found out about LED light therapy, it is evident that this product is completely safe and suitable for any skin. 

This product serves to improve a range of skin conditions and gives your skin a glowing and healthy look.   

Lumia Delicado review
Lumia Delicado review

How to use the Lumia Delicado(Lumia Delicado review)

By running it over and over again over the surface of the skin of the face so the radiations, vibrations and heat can get into the pores and unclog them in order to reveal the skin beneath. 

It can be used as an at-home device eliminating the need to visit the dermatologist especially if you had a pretty stressful day but need to cleanse your skin. 

The LED light radiation gets into the skin through the pores when the device is run over the surface of the skin for a couple of minutes thereby unclogging the skin and getting the skin cleaned. 

You just simply have to run the device over and over on the skin of the face and make sure to not leave the device over one surface for more than a few seconds to prevent the heat from burning your face. 

It is necessary to have follow-up sessions for this procedure to maintain these results. 

It is advisable to use this device in the mornings and at night after the stressful routine of the entire day to remove the germs and unclog the pores of the skin on the face for best and fast results. 

You will begin to see an improvement in about 6-8 weeks of usage and this device will not cause any damage to your skin. 

It is friendly and only has the function of enhancing and rejuvenating the skin.

 However, do not use this device if there is metal on the skin or if there is any underlying skin condition like rashes, skin burns or wounds. 

It is also very much advisable to eat good food while using our product as good food gives the skin a shiny look. 

The nutrition of a person goes a long way to aid the health of the skin so while using Lumia Delicado, make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

Why Should I Buy a Lumia Delicado?(Lumia Delicado review)

Do you want flawless, glowing and healthy skin? Do you really wish to look really attractive and feel confident about your skin? 

I think you know why you should use the Lumia Delicado after all. 

Do you want to make heads spin at events and stores and have people blinded by the sight of your glowing skin? I know you do. 

My skin was naturally dry and it made me feel uncomfortable and a bit insecure about myself. 

I used all sorts of prime skin care products to make my skin glow but nothing worked and it was pretty frustrating. 

Having to spend so much money and not having any results is definitely not a good experience. 

I had given up on ever finding a good enough product when I found out about Lumia Delicado through a friend. 

Initially, I was skeptical about using the product but after finding out that my friend was using the same product which resulted in her glowing skin, I bought the product and I have not regretted buying the Lumia Delicado. 

My skin has become shinier, prettier and healthier. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a better skin for themselves. 

Like, I walk with my head high without any feeling of insecurities because my skin glows. 

This is not only limited to people who have dry skin though as everyone deserves something good. 

Exfoliating is good for the skin regardless of texture or skin type so it is advisable to always exfoliate so as to have that glowing and perfect skin you design. 

You certainly want Kim’s kind of skin and what better way to get it than using a product which has been researched on and approved by dermatologists and plastic surgeons from all around the globe. 

You should buy a Lumia Delicado for that perfect glowing skin.

Who Needs a Lumia Delicado?(Lumia Delicado review)

Lumia Delicado can be used by everyone and everybody needs it. 

With the exception of children below five whose skins are still nice and able to wash dirt and unclog pores on their own quickly, everybody else needs this product. 

The dirt which settles underneath the epidermal region of the skin which is the top layer can be washed away and cleansed by Lumia Delicado because its rays, heat and vibration focus on the layer underneath the upper layer of the skin to unclog the pores by removing oils and dirt and by reaching places where the sponge cannot reach. 

Its temperature is also adjustable to fit your skin’s tolerance level for effective treatment. 

You just have to lower the settings and raise it slowly till you find the perfect temperature for you. 

Make sure to use the device for its intended purpose only and not to use on skins experiencing rash and burns. 

The heat from the device will only cause further irritation and damage the skin further. 

We want good skin not to make it worse. After the usual hustle and bustle of the day, using Lumia Delicado helps rejuvenate the skin and keeps it glowing. 

A good advantage also is that all of these can be achieved by just holding the device in your hand and running it over the skin of your face. 

Isn’t it fascinating how the process of maintaining your skin can be so easy?

Lumia Delicado review
Lumia Delicado review

Is Lumia Delicado Worth It?(Lumia Delicado review)

If you wish to know if Lumia Delicado is worth your money, it is. 

If you wish to know if Lumia Delicado is worth giving a try, it is. 

Using this product was and still is one of the best decisions I made because this product is not only smooth and skin friendly but affordable. 

This device was developed after various scientific researches and the LED light therapy which is supported by certified, leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the globe. 

Before using this product however, do well to consult a dermatologist and to ready the safety precautions. 

It is not just a regular skin care routine which will be regretted after a few tries. 

It is a device which can be used over and over again. It works efficiently and is worth every single dime. 

Lumia Delicado keeps your complexion looking smooth, glowing, and youthful. 

Combining this product with a good moisturizer or cleanser can go a long way for your skin. 


Pros And Cons of Lumia Delicado (Lumia Delicado review)


The skin regulates body temperature, maintains fluid balance, and controls moisture loss. 

It also acts as a barrier and shock absorber, recognizes pain sensations to alert us of danger, and protects us against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

A good skin care routine is as good as the products you use. 

While good quality devices can help your skin look better now as well as in the future, poor quality products can be ineffective and even cause harm. 

Lumia Delicado is a very good quality product which brightens the skin and gives it shine. 

Lumia Delicado helps your skin stay in good condition. You are shedding skin cells throughout the day so it is tantamount to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. 

Using the Lumia Delicado skin care device as an effective routine will help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

Lumia Delicado will make your skin look more youthful. As you age, your skin cells turn over really slowly making it look duller and less radiant. 

Using quality skin care product can help remove dead skin cells so your body will replace them with newer and more youthful cells. 

Preventing skin care problems is also better than having to fix those problems in the future so it is better to use a good skin care device now to make your skin better to having to find a good product in the future with the desire of doing damage control.

Using a Lumia Delicado device will certainly give your self-confidence a boost. 

When your skin looks better, you will feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence.

Good skin care products can help improve the appearance and texture of your skin at any time of life whether you are fighting breakouts or trying to regain a more youthful yet natural appearance. 

Your skin care routine is as good as the product you use. Good, high quality products are safe and effective and may come in particular formulations for sensitive skin and other issues. 

Lumia Delicado has a lot of benefits which improves the skin and it also uses appropriate temperature levels for different types of skins. 

Below are such benefits:

  • Protection from environmental damage: Such as pollution. Using this product serves to protect the skin against pollution and cleanses the skin efficiently.
  • Helps fight the effects of aging: Such as wrinkles and sunspots.
  • Results for the money: Despite the fact that Lumia Delicado is affordable, nobody likes to spend money and not see results for the money. 

This product is a quality product which certainly is not a waste of your money.

  • Exceeding standards: Lumia Delicado is a quality skin care product which is more refined with fewer bacteria and impurities.
  • Control and help breakouts:Lumia Delicado helps treat your acne while protecting your skin from future damage and scarring. 

Since it uses LED light energy, heat and vibration, it is able to penetrate deeply into the skin of the face and help control breakouts and also helps avoid negative side effects like dry skin which can make breakouts increase.

  • Improves elasticity and helps and prevents wrinkles: Lumia Delicado helps improve the amount of collagen circulated in your skin. 

This device uses heat, vibration and infrared technology to help fight wrinkles and loss of elasticity, to prevent and heal skin. 

       This product helps improve     the quality of the epidermis. 

Cons (Lumia Delicado review)

  • It can only be bought online, though it is not really a problem because most people already purchase different products online.
  • Stock is quite limited.

Money back guarantee and Refund Policy: 

Online shopping may not be the most reliable thing, but if you are directly buying through the official website, there are no chances of risks.

 According to the official Lumia Delicado website, there are many reasons to say that Lumia Delicado is a good investment.

Official Refund Policy

The refund policy of the company is an effort to win the trust of new customers.

 It is to tell them that they won’t lose any money and their purchase can be free from any risk, as offered by any other product. 

This policy also shows that the company is so confident about its product that it is willing to return the total amount if it fails to satisfy any user.

 Secure Payments

The company accepts online payments and doesn’t offer cash on delivery for Lumia Delicado. 

If you are worried about your data breach, you can be relieved to know that the company uses the most secure payment methods, i.e., PayPal, debit, or credit card payment.

Additionally, the company only takes your primary data, i.e., name, and address to ship this product. There are no chances that this data is going to be misused against you.

The company offers buyers a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. The items must be returned unused and in their original packaging. 

You ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. 

As soon as it gets shipped, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. 

You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return.You will be refunded immediately.

Customer written Lumia Delicado review

This device is amazing.I have never seen a device so affordable and effective as Lumia Delicado. It’s worth trying.



Since I bought this device,I have enjoyed a smooth and glowing skin. I also recommended it to my friend that had acne and trust me Lumia Delicado did wonders.


Quality product!I suggest you get one for yourself or your loved ones


FAQs about Lumia Delicado (Lumia Delicado review)

Does this work?

Yes, Lumia Delicado device works perfectly fine.

Is this product affordable?

The Lumia Delicado device is very much affordable and effective as well.

Where can I get this product?

You can purchase this product only on the official website.This product is not seen elsewhere except the official website.

Wrap up (Lumia Delicado review)

It cannot be overemphasized how a flawless and glowing skin is overtly attractive and goes far to show how healthy a person is. 

People are naturally attracted to a person who has healthy looking skin and they tend to stare. 

It could get a bit uncomfortable for people who do not like being stared at but you must agree that it will certainly boost your confidence level. 

A dry skin causes great discomfort to anyone. Acne, pimples and wrinkles also causes discomfort and they make you just want to hide your face and skin to avoid questions from people.

It is certainly not a great experience to have people staring or asking questions or making comments about how your skin looks unhealthy or if you are sick or any of those heart wrenching comments which go on to make you want to crawl into a corner and hide – definitely a heartbreaker. 

You will have to agree with me that such comments make people begin searching for solutions everywhere and at that point, everyone seems to have a solution – “I used this product once and it worked” or “My cousin works for this company and I tried their product and it worked like magic”. 

Certainly devastating so it is only encouraging to use a good product which works for everyone. 

Lumia Delicado is that product which you need. From giving suggestions to you, people will turn around to ask you the product you use and will definitely need one.